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Published November 1 2023




Voxpopme Launches 'AI-Powered Live Interviews'

Qual insights platform Voxpopme, known for its asynchronous video surveys and analytics, is launching an AI-powered tool called Live Interviews, promising to make in-depth qualitative research 'faster, smarter and more economical'.

Jamin BrazilVoxpopme's app collects consumer feedback in the form of video responses direct from mobile phones, and its Qualitative Insights Platform taps AI to collect, centralize and analyze qualitative data. In May this year it launched what it claimed was the first AI-powered video survey - Smart SurvAI - allowing insights professionals to create survey questions with the help of OpenAI's ChatGPT; followed a month later by a set of proprietary AI-powered tools for video surveys, developed in partnership with Microsoft.

The latest launch applies AI to live interviews and focus groups, and features Discussion Guides generated by AI based on research objectives; an automated interview recorder which will upload conversations to Voxpopme for instant analysis; AI-generated summaries, findings and recommendations from focus groups and depths; an interactive chat option for analysing data; and Cross-Project Analysis, applying AI to multiple videos to reveal patterns and trends across a series of interviews and/or groups.

Chief Revenue Officer Jamin Brazil (pictured) says of the launch: 'The combination of AI, automation, and world-class services creates a leap in what's possible for in-depth qualitative research. Now researchers can have hassle-free conversations with consumers, find and share insights with the help of AI, and build an unrivaled understanding of consumers 91% faster than ever before'.

More detail is at go.voxpopme.com/ai-live-interviews .


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