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Published November 14 2023




Kantar Debuts New Gaze Tools for Attention Measurement

Kantar has launched a proprietary attention framework, which uses facial coding and new gaze monitoring components to give advertisers measures of both active and passive attention, and uncover how well ad content captures the attention of viewers on a second-by-second basis.

Ted PrincePart of the expansion of Kantar's creative testing portfolio, the new attention framework provides advertisers a summary of an ad's ability to capture viewers' attention, comparison to norms, and the second-by-second trace to diagnose where attention is retained and lost. The norms and benchmarks are built using Kantar's expertise in the area, along with a database of 50,000 attention-based ad tests.

The framework, available in LINK+ and Context Lab, is designed to uncover whether people pay attention to ads in different media contexts, and identify which creative strengths drive attention. Passive attention is measured as the average time in seconds/percentage of time where viewers' eyes are on-screen when the ad was visible; active attention as the seconds/percentage of time where viewers' facial expressions indicate emotional engagement with the content.

Chief Product Officer Ted Prince (pictured) comments: 'The race for attention is one of the defining challenges of our time for modern marketers. How to capture the attention of viewers amid myriad distractions is something that keeps many awake at night. At Kantar we are using the latest technology in combination with our decades of expertise to tackle these thorny questions'.

Web site: www.kantar.com .


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