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Published February 19 2024




Qualtrics Base for New Yahoo Insights Tool

Yahoo has launched a rapid insights solution called PurpleLab, based on Qualtrics technology - initially in Australia and Southeast Asia.

PurpleLab logoPurpleLab combines Yahoo's data capabilities and other tech with its existing consumer relationships, for rapid but 'robust' panel data. Partner Qualtrics provides fast, easy access to nationally representative consumer insights and access to industry expertise. The solution has been soft launched with trial studies in Australia.

Dan Richardson, Head of Data & Insights for Yahoo AUSEA, comments: 'For too long, brands faced the dilemma of compromising either speed or quality in market research insights. PurpleLab addresses this challenge by delivering high-quality, accurate results from real humans with a rapid turnaround time. By partnering with Qualtrics we have created peace of mind for our clients that these insights are from real humans, not AI-powered bots, and by leveraging our own robust data stack we can control the process to ensure it is fast and efficient'.

'Market research is one of the most important strategic growth drivers in every organisation' adds Ali Henriques, Global Director of Research Services at Qualtrics. 'With in-depth, trusted human insights, such as those from Qualtrics and Yahoo, brands can understand evolving consumer expectations and uncover unmet market needs to confidently and precisely make decisions that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction, market share, and ultimately revenue growth'.

The new solution has no connection with Wayne, PA-based healthcare analytics company Purple Lab.

Web site: www.yahoo.com .


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