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Published April 16 2024




STRAT7 Researchbods Debuts AI Survey Chatbot

In Leeds, UK, insight agency STRAT7 Researchbods has launched an AI survey chatbot which it says will improve data quality and participant engagement for its clients, bringing deeper insights from open-ended questions.

Sarah AskewThe firm's parent, STRAT7 Group, is headquartered in London with eleven other locations in Europe, the US and APAC. Fresh from celebrating its fifth birthday, it now employs more than 400 people in specialist teams across its 'core pillars' of Advisory, Insights, Data/Data Collection, and Analytics. Within the group are Researchbods, Bonamy Finch, Incite, Jigsaw and Crowd DNA.

The new chatbot forms part of the Group's suite of AI solutions, available to teams in all the companies, and uses AI to engage survey participants in 'dynamic and interactive conversations', creating a more immersive and personalised survey experience for better engagement and 'high-quality verbatim responses'. Key features include natural, conversational interaction with participants via Conversational AI; support for twenty languages; targeted probing for specific points within the survey or specific audience segments; seamless integration with existing survey flows via API calls; and advanced targeting options which trigger probing based on the presence or absence of specific prompts or keywords.

Sarah Askew (pictured), Innovation Director at STRAT7 Researchbods, says the firm has been using AI tools since its formation, and comments: 'We are thrilled to introduce our AI survey chatbot, which represents a step forward in the field of market research, and an exciting new frontier in STRAT7's own AI story'.

Web site: www.strat7group.com .


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