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Published May 1 2024




Environics Now LiveRamp's Exclusive Partner in Canada

In Toronto, marketing and analytical services company Environics Analytics (EA) has announced an agreement making it the sole provider in Canada of the products and services of data collaboration platform LiveRamp.

Jan Kestle and Vihan SharmaEA was established in 2003 and is an affiliate of Bell Canada. The company helps clients to address key challenges in areas such as consumer profiling and segmentation, multichannel media planning, execution and measurement, trade area analysis, merchandising strategy and decisions over site location. The firm says its ENVISION platform provides quick and easy access to its comprehensive and privacy-compliant databases, including the latest mobile movement data.

The deal adds LiveRamp's platform and services to EA's existing data, analytics and clean room capabilities, helping client organisations to extend the value of their first party data, improve connectivity across the media ecosystem and ensure accurate measurement of the impact of advertising spend without relying on third party cookies.

EA will manage all products and services within its comprehensive 'Privacy by Design' ISO 31700-1 certified data and governance framework. In terms of data collaboration, the deal promises EA's clients 'the safest and most rigorous data blending available in Canada', with access to LiveRamp's interoperable platform via 'all clouds, programmatic and media channels, and walled gardens including Amazon, Google and Facebook'. For identity resolution, EA says it can offer a post-cookie solution 'constantly in line with the changing Canadian privacy landscape' - consolidating client data from various internal sources into a person-based, stable pseudonymous identifier.

In addition, LiveRamp's 'vast array of analytical tools and reports' will further upgrade EA's cleaning and optimizing of customer data; and LiveRamp's Authenticated Traffic Solution - 'free to publishers and easy to integrate' - promises addressable audiences at scale within Canada.

EA President Jan Kestle (pictured top) comments: 'LiveRamp's products and services are the perfect complement to EA's existing data, analytics, and marketing collaboration services in Canada. In this small market, we have built our business based on partnerships - rather than trying to do it all ourselves. I value all of them, and I am thrilled to work with LiveRamp technologies, know-how, and team members. Together we will transform the insights to activation to measurement ecosystem in Canada'.

LiveRamp Chief Revenue Officer Vihan Sharma (pictured below) says the two firm have a 'shared vision of the power of data collaboration', and will 'help clients transform how they connect, analyze, activate and measure data in the privacy-forward ecosystem'.

The partners are online at www.environicsanalytics.com and www.liveramp.com .


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