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Published May 7 2024




Sprinklr Unveils AI-Based Survey Tools

Sprinklr, the US firm behind the 'unified customer experience management platform' (Unified-CXM) has launched a customer feedback offering called Sprinklr Surveys, using AI for quick setup and analysis of surveys and also to augment the results with unsolicited feedback.

Ragy ThomasThe firm says CX teams face challenges when surveys are conducted on small datasets and would benefit from validation by comparison with larger, which however are siloed away elsewhere, making comparison infeasible. It also claims that 'closing the feedback loop from surveys requires multiple systems, leading to delays in issue resolution and a broken customer experience' - and suggests that a Sprinklr-style 'unified approach' is the answer.

Sprinklr Surveys includes an AI-assisted survey builder for 'questionnaires in seconds'; modernized conversational surveys for a more interactive respondent experience, and with options for AI probing; automated analytics; hypothesis testing with unsolicited digital data; and 'seamless' integration with the Unified-CXM. Founder and CEO Ragy Thomas (pictured) comments: 'We continue to execute against our vision of a completely unified front office on the only Unified-CXM platform on the market. Sprinklr Surveys will help enterprises redefine their CFM process by combining solicited survey feedback with unsolicited feedback and internal business data to derive meaningful, actionable insights. Modernized surveys with conversational UI are the future of research and critical for brands that want to accurately capture feedback from customers'.

In a discussion with www.venturebeat.com, Thomas stated 'Now you can potentially think of us replacing Qualtrics or Medallia'.

The firm has also just announced the launch with limited trial customers of Digital Twins, which uses autonomous, AI-based tech to mirror a client's customer-facing team - Thomas explains this as superior to a chatbot in that it's unlikely to end up asking you to contact customer support. Digital Twins 'sits on top of the Sprinklr platform' and is empowered to make decisions, plan actions, design workflows, and execute tasks without human supervision.

Despite recent announcements of rapid annual revenue growth, the company was reported last week to be making just over 100 employees redundant.

Web site: www.sprinklr.com .


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