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Published May 8 2024




Forethought AI Tool Generates 'Pre-Tested' Creative

Australian marketing advisory, strategy and analytics company Forethought has launched BrandComms.AI, which generates creative ideas based on consumer behaviour and 'tested for impact with real consumers'.

Forethought AI Tool Generates 'Pre-Tested' CreativeThe Gen AI models used for BrandComms.AI are customised for each client, using Forethought's marketing science methodologies and trained on more than 30 years of the company's own category insights. The solution includes 'Prophecy Thoughts & Feelings', a method which identifies the rational and emotional levers that will drive market share for a brand; and the 'Communications Triple Play', a strategic blueprint based on these insights and setting out key actions for a brand to drive business outcomes and provide a distinctive position in market.

BrandComms.AI has been in development since July last year, led by Forethought's Head of Digital and Communications, Isobell Roberts; Senior Data Scientist and Developer Jaimee Lincoln; and Partner and Head of Product Daniel Lord. The firm's founder and Executive Chairman Ken Roberts says the new solution is 'not just another marketing tool', but 'the pinnacle of Forethought's 30 years of marketing expertise'. He adds: 'It is a game-changing leap in marketing effectiveness for advertisers, and it's not speculative: it's here, and its operational right now'.

'All creative generated by BrandComms.AI is pre-tested, ensuring brands and their agencies can be confident they're backing creative proven to activate the drivers of consumer purchase behaviour. It's robust, it's tested and - critically - it's safe, with measures taken to ensure client IP and data are locked down tight'.

According to Lord, 'Insights go in, effective creative comes out. It's that simple. What's not so simple is what underpins the whole operation. Forethought's patented methodologies provide the hierarchy of what is driving consumer choice across categories by understanding consumers' emotional and rational decision-making. That's how BrandComms.AI produces more effective creative that drives market share'.

The new solution has its own web site at www.brandcomms.ai .


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