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Published May 13 2024




Netquest and SightX Partner for Rapid Survey Offering

Access panel provider Netquest has announced a partnership with AI-powered consumer insights platform SightX, to integrate the former's sample into the latter's platform, promising a streamlined research process and 'enhanced depth and accuracy' of consumer insights.

Tim LawtonNetquest's panel spans Latin America and Southern Europe, and collects a combination of behavioral and 'declarative' data to give clients a rounded understanding of consumer preferences and behavior. SightX uses AI to facilitate end-to-end research, promising marketing, insights and product leaders 'actionable insights from complex data sets quickly and efficiently' - including prompt-based production of surveys using its Gen AI assistant Ada.

Enric Cid, Strategy and Product Director of Netquest comments: 'We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SightX. Combining our robust data collection capabilities with SightX's innovative AI-powered platform marks a significant milestone in the consumer insights industry in Latin America and Southern Europe. This partnership offers researchers access to a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities for conducting fast turnaround projects without compromising quality or advanced reporting, enabling deep understanding of consumers in a rapidly evolving market landscape'.

SightX CEO and co-founder Tim Lawton (pictured) says the partnership 'firmly places Netquest and SightX at the forefront of the innovation happening within the insights industry', and adds: 'Operating with speed and efficiency, all without sacrificing budget, allows researchers the ability to have much more of an impact on business outcomes and the bottom line than ever before'.

Web sites: www.netquest.com and www.sightx.io .


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