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Published May 14 2024




NIQ Launches AI Tool Arthur on Discover Platform

In Chicago, consumer intelligence giant NielsenIQ has announced the launch of its 'NIQ Ask Arthur' GenAI-driven tool, integrated within the NIQ Discover platform.

Troy TreangenNIQ grew out of the 'Buy' side of Nielsen, later Nielsen Connect, and combined with GfK in 2023 to create a formidable force in the realm of consumer data. NIQ Discover is its data visualization solution, tapping multple datasets to put a wide range of key business information in front of CPG manufacturers and retailers, in one place. The firm says the platform now has 40,000 users across 71 countries.

Five months ago the company announced the launch of NIQ Labs, an innovation center pulling in talent from a number of companies it has acquired: Ask Arthur was the first product on the Labs' agenda, and offers AI-guided global search and personalized recommendations via a conversational interface, streamlining data analysis and facilitating informed decision-making. It will also help to surface trends and patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed, according to NIQ.

Chief Product Officer Troy Treangen (pictured) comments: 'The vision of leveraging AI to assist in data analysis and storytelling is incredibly powerful. Democratizing access to data and analytics is crucial in helping users make informed decisions and drive innovation. 'NIQ Ask Arthur' unlocks the power of analytics on the Discover platform'.

Web site: www.niq.com .


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