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Published May 20 2024




Coca-Cola to Share Insights via Free Portal

Coca-Cola has launched a platform called Lens, making publicly available articles and reports designed to give retailers and foodservice consumer insights and industry trends.

Coca-Cola to Share Insights via Free PortalThe soft drinks giant says the platform, which at launch has sixteen articles focused on shopper behavior, is 'focused on future growth, magnifying relevant trends to help [users] anticipate people's needs'. It plans to add 'four to six' new articles each quarter.

In the articles, the company's own views and findings are supported by macroeconomic data and enriched with data from proprietary tools - including feedback from its customers and associates - and third-party sources. Topics include the rise of premium water, the blurring of channels in foodservice / dining, the influence of multicultural consumers and the impact of digital ordering technologies, along with practical tips on subjects such as optimising restaurant menus and optimising cold vault inventories.

Chief Customer Officer for Coca Cola North America Pamela Stewart comments: 'We are launching Coca Cola Lens to deliver on the promise to create value beyond beverages to our customers, while serving as thought partners and consultants. Together, we will navigate this dynamic landscape, leveraging data and tools to drive our business strategies forward and accelerate growth'.

The new service is on the web at www.coca-colalens.com .


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