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Published May 21 2024




Ipsos Launches UX Benchmarking Solution

Ipsos has launched a tool called UX Score Benchmarks, allowing clients to quickly compare the quality of their mobile app and web site user experiences with those of competitors.

Yana BeranekThe solution is available in 24 markets in Asia, Africa, America and Europe, with plans for further expansion soon. The Benchmarks draw on a customised pool of users to evaluate and score brands' web sites, comparing them both against industry standards and top performing experiences within Ipsos' proprietary database. Brands receive insights on the usability, relevance and design appeal of their digital platforms, highlighting areas for optimization.

Ipsos says its own research suggests that 51% of consumers have abandoned a web site because it was too confusing. Global Head of UX Yana Beranek (pictured) states: 'Ipsos' benchmarking service provides brands with a quantitative measurement of the effectiveness of their UX in over seventeen sectors, including e-commerce, financial services, healthcare and quick-service restaurants. Our clients can now quickly pinpoint their brand's shortcomings and receive insights for improvement, ensuring their technology works for people through experiences that deliver'.

Group home page: www.ipsos.com .


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