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Published November 15 2005




Katrina Survivor Poised for Growth

New Orleans-based agency the Olinger Group has announced the appointment of Paul E. Kirch, previously of Harris Interactive, as VP of Business Development. Kirch will help lead the firm as it prepares to re-open its corporate headquarters, destroyed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and embark on a long-term growth strategy.

Kirch says the appointment represents 'an opportunity to be in on the ground floor with a proven firm that is poised for even greater national growth and expansion'. He aims to help the group become one of 'the largest and most widely recognized market research firms in the industry' and says it will be adding staff for both production and sales accordingly.

He spent three years at Harris Interactive, as Director for Client Development, and was previously sales manager for MR software company CfMC. He began his career at the Gallup Organization. Olinger Group President Jude Olinger says his arrival is 'integral to our efforts to grow and expand. Paul brings to the table a full working knowledge of market research and the value it brings to our clients.'

The firm's New Orleans base of operations was destroyed in the wake of the hurricane, but it has continued to serve clients without interruption through its offices in Tyler, Texas and Baton Rouge, La. 'We feel we've grown smarter through the challenges presented these past few months' says Olinger. 'Not only have we continued uninterrupted service to our clients, we've actually increased it.'

The company was founded eleven years ago and is online at www.olingergroup.com.


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