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Published January 27 2006




Opinion Leader Swallows Ledbury

Chime Communications, which owns the UK's Opinion Leader Research, has acquired a 55% share in Ledbury Research, a London-based MR consultancy that specialises in researching luxury brands and affluent consumers. Ledbury will become part of Opinion Leader Research.

Chime's initial investment in Ledbury is 120,000, of which 100,000 represents a subscription for new shares in Ledbury. There is deferred consideration payable. 60,000 new Chime shares will be issued in 12 months time conditional on the two vendors remaining at Ledbury and a maximum of a further 100,000 new Chime shares will be issued conditional on certain profit targets being met within four years.

Ledbury provides research and advice to brands aimed at high net-worth consumers, including LVMH, Richemont, Gucci Group, UBS, Barclays Private Bank and Mastercard. It runs the Millionaires Panel and the Luxury Leader Panel, and produces monthly insights about wealthy consumers and their preferred brands.

Opinion Leader specialises in qualitative and deliberative techniques, and carries out much of its work for public sector bodies. Last October, it hosted a 'citizens' summit' research exercise with 1,000 members of the public for the Department of Health (www.mrweb.com/drno/news4765.htm )

The companies are online at www.chime.plc.uk , www.opinionleader.co.uk and www.ledburyresearch.com


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