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Published January 18 2007




VNU Changes Name to 'The Nielsen Company'

VNU today continued its radical overhaul following its return to the private sector, by changing its name to 'The Nielsen Company'. The firm says the move 'emphasizes its best-known brand name and underscores its commitment to create an integrated, streamlined global organization'.

Chairman and CEO David L. Calhoun explains: 'Nielsen is one of the great names in the information-services industry... a source of pride for everyone in our organization, and it is now the name under which we all will go to market.'

A new corporate web site is launched at www.nielsen.com along with a new graphic identity, which will be rolled out progressively by all Nielsen businesses during 2007.

Calhoun says the new name more clearly suggests the company's position and role in the marketplace, given its increased focus on marketing and media information services. He adds: 'We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a complete understanding of consumer behavior, with new insights into where their markets are headed, and with high-value solutions to their business issues.'

Individual company names within the group are unlikely to be merged into the main brand and lost Calhoun comments, 'Nielsen will be the primary name and branding that will be adopted in every part of our business. That said, there is no question that the existing identities or brands such as ACNielsen, Nielsen Media Research, Spectra, Homescan, BASES, Claritas and many others, including their respective underlying product brands, plus our many Business Media and editorial identities have tremendous meaning and equity in the marketplace. As we implement our new branding, we will protect and enhance that equity and link it appropriately to the governing Nielsen brand.'

The Nielsen Company has more than 42,000 employees and is active in more than 100 countries, with headquarters in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and New York, USA.


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