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Published September 8 2008




Mobile Segmentation Tool Launched

Nielsen has launched Mobile-PRIZM, a new product that combines the company's consumer segmentation and mobile media targeting tools, to help advertisers target mobile audiences more effectively.

The new tool links Nielsen Mobile's Mobile Media Marketplace - which collects and reports consumer mobile usage, audience sizes and composition to give syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets - with PRIZM lifestyle segmentation data from Nielsen Claritas.

'Targeted customized analysis of mobile usage patterns for PRIZM's 66 consumer segments allows advertisers to make more informed decisions about where to place mobile advertising,' said Kanishka Agarwal, VP of Mobile Media at Nielsen Mobile.

For example, analysis of one PRIZM segment - Bohemian Mix (young singles and couples, students and professionals who check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop or microbrew) - shows that this group leads all other categories in mobile Internet usage, with 27% accessing the mobile Internet in the last 30 days (compared with an average 16.7% across all other segments).

Besides Bohemian Mix, the segmentation includes groups such as Young Digerati, affluent and tech-savvy professionals; the wealthy Upper Crust; Money and Brains, with advanced degrees and sophisticated tastes; and The Cosmopolitans, immigrants and descendents of multi-cultural backgrounds.
'Incorporating PRIZM with the Nielsen Mobile panel helps advertisers, agencies and media companies align their mobile marketing with their existing media plans,' added Bruce Wilkinson, VP of Nielsen Claritas' Media and Communications practice.

Earlier this year, Nielsen Mobile partnered with Mediamark Research & Intelligence to develop an integrated database of consumers' mobile and offline media usage.

Web sites: www.nielsenmobile.com , www.claritas.com and www.nielsen.com .


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