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Published May 5 2009




Ipsos Tool Helps Optimize Creative Ad Content

In the US, Ipsos ASI - which offers advertising pre-testing services - has launched a research solution to help marketers refine and optimize the creative content of their advertising.

The new Next*Adlab tool offers marketers a combination of qualitative insights and quantitative measures to help guide the creative process before they have to commit to media and production costs. It provides users with guidance when they are exploring different creative ideas, taking a new creative direction, or trying to rebuild the effectiveness of ad ideas that have stopped working.

A Next*Adlab session commences with up to 50 respondents evaluating ads through wireless TouchPads. The marketing team then reviews the resulting data in real-time, and the findings are used to inform the next phase, where a smaller group of respondents consider the emotional impact of the ad and explore how to optimize it.

Depending on how many ads are to be tested, the Next*Adlab quant/qual process typically takes one to two days, with key data available immediately.

'Next*Adlab is about helping advertisers make the best decisions for their brands and their budgets prior to committing to the big ad spend,' explains Craig Bloomquist, VP with Ipsos ASI. 'Our mix of quant and qual measures helps to ensure that advertisers are able to identify and diagnose key issues with their ads, ultimately optimizing creative content and maximizing effectiveness.'

The tool is adaptable to any kind of material including video storyboards, rough or finished ads, print, radio, outdoor, and multimedia campaigns. It is available to Ipsos ASI clients across North America and South America as well as in Europe and Asia.

Web site: www.ipsosasi.com .


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