New Geodemographic Website Launched

As most readers are probably aware, the 2001 Census is due to take place in the UK on the 29 April 2001. In response to this, the MRS Census and Geodemographics Group has launched a new website at, offering visitors useful database and specific Census information.

The site is aimed at market researchers and other professionals needing population and demographic information. In terms of content, its major feature is the Geodeomographics Knowledge Base (GKB), a comprehensive research gateway into the whole subject of geodemographics. So far, the GKB online directory holds more than 150 relevant websites, including links to European and global resources.

According to Peter Furness, MRS member and Project Director for the GKB, "Historically, it has been difficult to locate good geodemographics websites or online data sources. This site provides the answer and will undoubtedly benefit a range of users seeking to research consumer markets for their products and services. The GKB is proving extremely popular and will continue to grow as additional geodemographic resources become available on the web."

Furness also added that, "The Census and Geodemographics Group was first established in 1989 to help prepare researchers for the 1991 Census. We undertake an ongoing programme of activity to support our work in this area, including seminars, consultation with users and liaison with the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The launch of the GKB demonstrates how we are representing the interests of market research and demographics, helping to bring the benefits of the 2001 Census to a wide commercial audience."

To offer more of an insight into the Census and the new website, the Census and Geodemographics Group is running a briefing seminar on 28 June in London. For more information visit the MRS website.