European Expansion for Total

Total Research Corporation has expanded its European operations through the acquisition of Teligen Ltd, an UK-based market research and consultancy company specialising in the global telecommunications marketplace.

Teligen's single largest area of specialisation is tariffing, providing a range of custom products that collect, analyse and report on European telecommunication charges and services to corporate users, regulators and service providers.

According to Albert Angrisani, President and CEO of Total Research, "The acquisition of Teligen compliments Total Research's May 2000 acquisition of Romtec Plc, a leading European research and marketing services company, which specializes in the information technology and telecommunications market. Together, Romtec and Teligen give Total Research a powerful presence in the European telecommunications market research marketplace. Also, the acquisition of Teligen advances Total's strategy of increasing the Company's revenue contribution from European operations. Currently, European operations account for approximately 40% of Total's revenue, excluding the 1 million of revenue generated by Teligen." The acquisition price consists of a financing commitment of up to 400,000 to expand Teligen's role and presence in Europe.

Russ Nathan, Chairman of Total Research in Europe, added "The combination of Teligen's international tariffs data and consultancy capability with Total Romtec's respected telecoms market research capabilities will create a formidable presence in this arena. Both will operate within the global structure of Total Research Corporation giving access to a wider marketplace and enhanced growth opportunities."