TNS Acquires Worldwide Rights to BuyTest

Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) has acquired the business and assets of BUY© Systems International (BSI), a leading provider of advertising pre-testing research products in Europe and Asia. TNS has also agreed terms with The Sherman Group in the USA to purchase the rights to the system in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

This provides TNS with the worldwide rights to the BUY©Test™ and CHOICE© Systems which will be added to the strong portfolio of branded solutions within the TNS Group.

Originally developed in America, the BUY©Test™ system has since 1984 been available via a global franchise managed by BSI. This advertising pre-testing system allows robust evaluation of an ad’s likely and actual performance, together with detailed diagnostics to show how it works and how it can be improved. BSI has completed over 7,000+ tests across 40 countries. Access to this database allows crucial national and international benchmarking. Testing any stage of delivery, from concept boards to finished ads, the methodology ensures the finished advertisement delivers the right messages in the most persuasive manner to the specific target audience. The methodology works in all media, including a web environment that captures all the elements of consumer response to an advertisement.

Danish-born Lorenz C Andersen, BSI’s MD and co-founder, will join TNS Worldwide, the division responsible for the Group’s branded solutions.

Commenting on the acquisition, Amaury de Conde, Managing Director of TNS Worldwide, said "The BUY©Test system is an outstanding research tool. We have worked with the BUY©Test in Asia since 1985 and have had considerable success with it. We believe it has substantial growth potential worldwide through the TNS network and will give us a proven research model in the advertising arena which will complement MIRIAD, our very successful tracking platform. Behind BUY©Test lies a very strong core model and expertise that provides unique insight into the ‘creativity factor ’ in advertising. This will now be an important element of the TNS Brand / Advertising tracking services, and will enable clients to further optimise elements of their marketing mix, together with The Conversion Model, licensed from The Consumer Equity Company in which the group acquired a majority stake last year.This move reinforces the Group’s commitment to finding, developing and supporting a strong portfolio of branded research solutions that provide clients with practical and internationally consistent solutions to their most critical marketing issues."