New Web Survey Tool Launches

SPSS MR has just released a new Web survey research tool called mrInterview. Designed to integrate survey execution, it claims to allow market research organisations to get sophisticated, multimedia surveys up and running quickly. It has been launched as part of the company’s Dimensions platform.

Technically speaking, the new system uses html templates for dictating screen layout. This means that, instead of copying files over, an activation wizard operates on given user specifications. Users are then given the ability to field questionnaires in any language, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The wizard also enables users to benefit from programmed research techniques, such as routing, rotation and randomisation. The end result for any Web research being conducted is a fast and efficient survey process. Responses from thousands of respondents can be processed in a matter of hours at a fraction of former costs.

According to Richard Scionti, vice president of market solutions for SPSS MR, "This is much more than bells and whistles. The html templates let you create more captivating surveys for more completes, and the whole process is streamlined for faster turnaround. But none of the sophistication is sacrificed, and captured data is stored in an open data model that allows for it to be used with other enterprise data for more intimate, nuanced decision-making."