Which Way Will you Vote?

In a first of a series of articles linked to MORIís Election Digest, MrWeb brings you the up to date news on the twists and turns in voting as the big day approaches. The latest MORI/Times poll shows a slight increase in support for the two main parties, with Labour now on 55% and the Conservatives on 30%.

Likelihood of voting is also slightly lower, with 69% now saying they are certain or very likely to vote compared with 16% who are unlikely or certain not to vote. Of those who said they would vote Labour, 69% have definitely decided, compared with 28% who may change their mind. For the Conservatives these figures are 67% and 31% respectively, and for the Liberal Democrats, 66% and 32%.

Support for party leaders is not universally in line with voting intentions - while 51% think Tony Blair would make the most capable Prime Minister, only 14% feel this way about William Hague, and 10% about Charles Kennedy. However, 25% of people agree with the statement "The Conservatives are ready to form the next Government", and the same number agree that William Hague is ready to be prime minister.

MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,066 adults aged 18+ at 75 sampling points across Great Britain. Interviews were conducted face-to-face on 22nd May 2001.

For more information, visit mori.com/election2001