Last polls before the big one

On the eve of the General Election, the latest MORI/Sunday Telegraph poll, as reported in the MORI Election Digest, shows that only 11% think the Conservatives have run the most effective campaign so far. On this measure, the party is third behind Labour and the Lib Dems, at 37% and 19% respectively. These figures are similar to those four years ago when the Tories were also in third place.

Although the importance of Europe as an issue has increased, it still ranks behind health and education. Europe is mentioned spontaneously by 14% (up seven points since the MORI/Sunday Telegraph poll of 10 to 12 May) as an issue that will be very important in helping them decide how to vote, but the issue is edged into fourth place by pensions (15%) and overshadowed by education (39%) and health care (50%).

Twice as many say they like Tony Blair as dislike him: 61% say they like the PM, twice the 29% who don't. More like William Hague now than at any time during his leadership but his policies are disliked more than ever. On both measures the balance of like minus dislike is still heavily negative. The Conservative leader is liked less than John Major was throughout the 1990s.

The poll was carried out by 1,010 telephone interviews on 31 May to 2 June 2001.