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Our partnership with the MrWeb index of MR jobs, the largest in the industry, puts ads posted through WIRe in front of a huge audience of opt-in subscribers and members, and as of March 2020 has been boosted by a new partner, ESOMAR. This means that your job opportunities posted through WIRe can now reach more than 100,000 MR professionals worldwide!

In addition to the reach of your Job Board posting, relevant jobs are emailed to more than 6,600 subscribers who have specifically requested daily or weekly job updates.

Cost - new, lower rates from March 2020

Job postings for available positions anywhere in the world are purchased in packages of three or more and cost as follows:

  • 3 ads $200 (ie $66.67 per job)
  • 10 ads $400 (ie $40 per job)
  • 100 ads $3000 (ie $30 per job)
  • 500 ads $12500 (ie $25 per job).
You have 12 months to use the credits in any package (note that as of March 2022 in the uncertainty post-Covid we'll offer up to 18 months). ESOMAR members get a 20% discount on these prices.

With other questions about the job board / to agree a package for a different number of ads, you can also email Nick Thomas at MrWeb directly. Note that WIRe and ESOMAR each now receive a payment based on the total number of ads appearing in the index, regardless of which site you started on: nevertheless, please mention WIRe when / however you get in touch with MrWeb.

Ads stay in the index for up to 3 months for no extra charge, and feature your logo and a link to your web site.

You must read our Terms & Conditions before advertising.

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