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Published June 6 2016




Near Launches Allspark Location-based Audience Measure

Location intelligence platform Near has launched a tool called Allspark, which uses public and proprietary data sets to enable users to visualise and analyse audience location, behaviour, demographic and interest-based data.

Anil MathewsFounded in 2012 and previously known as AdNear, the company is headquartered in Singapore with offices in San Francisco, London, Bangalore, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. Its platform currently has a proprietary database of 65 million places which are continuously refined.

The new Allspark tool enables users to identify data points such as places, demographics, interests, and pre-built audience sets, so they can create customer and bespoke audience segments. Each audience is represented by an AudienceCard, which provides real-time insights into their demographics over a period of time. Brands and enterprises can use Allspark to optimise their targeting strategies in real-time, by comparing the digital and 'real-world' interests of the audience.

CEO and founder Anil Mathews (pictured) comments: 'Allspark's state-of-the art technology redefines how brands gather insights about their target audience and interact with them in real-time. Our aim is to ensure that data-driven audience insights are within reach for all, and utilised where they will be most valued'.

Web site: www.near.co .


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