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Published April 24 2018




Truesight and Marketscience in Analytics Partnership

New York-based Truesight Consulting and UK-based Marketscience Consulting have partnered to develop new analytics solutions and services.

David Dixon, Sebastian Shapiro and Peter CainFounded in December by David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro, Truesight delivers advanced marketing analytics to global enterprise clients, while Marketscience combines advanced econometric modelling, statistical analysis and bespoke advice on marketing investments. Together, the firms will produce a suite of analytics solutions and services for DIY and DIWM (Do It With Me) enterprise customers, as well as for the more traditional Do It For Me (DIFM) client. The firms say that these new solutions will enable clients to predict, measure and optimize their demand generation efforts with greater accuracy, efficacy, and deeper insights than before.

The companies will maintain their brand names and identities with Truesight leading commercialization, consulting, implementation and scaling activities, while Marketscience will lead on R&D/innovation, product development, training, and management of academic relationships. David Dixon, co-founder and CEO of Truesight, says the collaboration will provide complete access for clients seeking a fully transparent, yet rigorous methodology for measuring marketing effectiveness.

Peter Cain, founder and CEO of Marketscience, adds: 'We are lifting the hood on marketing mix modelling (MMM) and so finally overcoming the black box issue, enabling clients to build their own models and optimizations. Using this fully transparent approach, clients will have the confidence, tools and know-how to own the results and lead this process'.

Web sites: www.truesight.consulting and www.marketscienceconsulting.com .


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