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Published February 7 2019




Maru/Blue Launches Ailments Community

Respondent access specialist Maru/Blue has launched an 'Ailments Community', composed of pre-screened members across the US, Canada and the UK who suffer from a variety of medical complaints.

Rob BergerMaru/Blue was launched last April and provides access to 'deeply engaged, well-curated respondents' through its communities: Maru Voice Canada (formerly operating as the Angus Reid Forum), Maru Voice Business Canada, Springboard America, and Maru Voice UK, as well as the recently launched Maru Voice UK Omnibus.

Members of the firm's new Ailments Community have been profiled by 24 conditions such as allergies, hypertension, cancer, high cholesterol, obesity, depression and insomnia. Both patients and caregivers are included in the pre-screened sample, and access to the community is available on an ad hoc basis, as well as for ongoing assignments.

MD Rob Berger (pictured) comments: 'Patient research is increasingly important but it can be difficult to find people with very specific health concerns. Now, with our deeply profiled audiences, we have 24 key ailments pre-screened in the US, Canada and the UK with feasibility extending to 500+ completes in each ailment in each country'.

Web site: www.marublue.net .


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