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Published January 13 2020




HERE Partners to Optimise Ad Placement

US location data and technology platform HERE Technologies has partnered with out of home (OOH) audience measurement body Geopath and location infrastructure software firm Bentley Systems, to provide greater context around the best locations and times to place ads.

Hervé UthezaThe partnership is based on location intelligence from HERE. Bentley Systems uses HERE traffic data, navigable attributes, road network information and maps in its Streetlytics solution (developed by mobility analytics solution provider Citilabs), which provides insights into where, how, when and why people travel. Streetlytics pulls real information from billions of points of GPS, cellular, connected car, Bluetooth, ticketing, demographic and other data to create a picture of a moving population.

Geopath uses Streetlytics in its Insights Suite ratings and audience location measurement platform, enabling OOH and Digital OOH ad buyers to profile and target desired audiences, and engage those audiences across formats. Geopath SVP Dylan Mabin says the partnership provides the OOH and DOOH industry with 'one of the most robust and accurate measurement solutions in the advertising ecosystem'.

Hervé Utheza (pictured), Head of Media, Advertising and Network Operators at HERE, adds: 'Our integrated partnership offers a greater understanding of location and patterns of movement for more effective OOH and DOOH advertising'.

Web sites: www.here.com , www.geopath.org and www.bentley.com .


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