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Published March 17 2011




Ipsos Adds Innerscope's Biometrics to Ad Testing

In the US, Ipsos and biometric measurement specialist Innerscope Research have partnered to integrate measures of unconscious emotional engagement into Ipsos' products.

Shelley ZalisBoston, MA-headquartered Innerscope measures unconscious emotional responses with an advanced biometric sensor belt, which monitors skin sweat, heart rate, respiration and movement.

The firms will initially incorporate Innerscope's biometric methods and technology into the Ipsos ASI AdLab, to provide clients with live quant and qual results integrated with real-time insights into unconscious emotional response to their advertising.

This launch will be followed by the addition of Innerscope biometrics to the Ipsos ASI Next*Connect ad testing approach, as well as to Ipsos Innoscreen Concepts and Pack Evolution testing tools.

The work is being led by the Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange center for innovation, whose CEO Shelley Zalis comments: 'This relationship will enable clients to seamlessly understand the additional dimension of unconscious consumer response in their day-to-day decision making, leading to stronger end results and a greater understanding of how brands are connecting with people today.'

Web sites: www.ipsos.com and www.innerscope.com .


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