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Published January 19 2015




BioInformatics Rolls Out Interactive Data Tools

Life science industry research and advisory firm BioInformatics has launched a cloud-based analytics tool called Interactive Market Intelligence, through which end users can filter, create and export views of data.

Jennifer CotteleerBioInformatics and its SDi analytical equipment research division have access to an expert network of more than 72,000 life scientists through which to glean insights for clients. The firm also offers services to assess the size and attractiveness of scientific markets, optimize product configurations and pricing, validate corporate acquisitions, measure customer loyalty, and evaluate brand strength and positioning.

The new service allows users to pull data from a set of core metrics that includes market, brand, customer and workflow analytics, and has initially been used for an in-depth analysis of the qPCR market with a focus on key market trends, geography, competitive intelligence, and market forecasts. Future market studies available on the new platform will cover the markets for Cell-based Assays and Stem Cells.

The firm, which is led by CEO Jennifer Cotteleer (pictured), is online at: www.gene2drug.com .


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