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Published January 15 2019




Research Now SSI Rebrands as Dynata

Research Now SSI is rebranding as Dynata, a name which it says 'conveys significant meaning based on its vision of revitalizing market research and data-driven marketing'.

Gary LabenResearch Now and SSI announced in October 2017 that they would merge, creating the industry's largest provider of online panel data and technology-based research solutions based on opted-in data. Two months later Research Now Chief Exec Gary Laben was appointed as the CEO of the combined company. More recently, the business moved its portfolio of panel and integrated data onto a single platform, and made it available through an API.

In a note to customers today, Laben said the move was 'the culmination of the firms' merger and integration'. He adds: 'our new name not only unites us as a single identity, but also represents our strategy and commitment to you:
  • As one of the world's leaders in first-party data, we will continue to offer high quality, precise data from people who opt in to our panels, which we actively manage and maintain according to world-class standards.
  • As a company dedicated to ongoing innovation in a fast-paced digital marketing environment, we will continue to close the knowledge loop across the marketing spectrum - from marketing research to data-driven market engagement to advertising - to achieve new levels of marketing performance'.

A new web site is up and running at www.dynata.com .


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