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Published November 11 2019




Maru Launches Direct Access Portal

Tech-enabled research firm Maru Group has launched a direct access end-to-end insights platform, Maru/HUB, allowing users to create, view and analyze research projects 'on demand'.

Ged PartonThe HUB is built on Maru's existing proprietary technology platform, and allows clients to access current projects managed by the Group's other two divisions, Maru/Blue and Maru/Matchbox, as well as importing data from other sources to provide a single, holistic view.

The portal allows the creation of self-serve projects including pre-packaged solutions such as Concept Screening, Content Screening (Print, Video, Digital, TV), and CX Relationship Pulse; analysis tools and technologies including Text Analytics, Data Visualization, Analysis and Reporting and Authoring; and 'instant results' methodologies including Agile Polls and Surveys and the newly launched Influencer Social Listening tool.

Maru says the new portal can be used for projects of any size, from small, ad hoc projects to enterprise-wide programs; boasts AI-powered multi-language, scalable technology; and is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, adhering to 'the highest level of data security and compliance'.

CEO Ged Parton (pictured) comments: 'Technology has transformed the way brands connect with their customers, and clients want a more flexible, technology-led approach to insights that goes beyond limited capabilities such as a survey engine attached to a panel. Maru/HUB is a platform created for the future. For the first time, clients can have greater visibility and flexibility of their research data and create their own self-serve research projects, all from one single cloud-based portal. It is an important milestone in Maru's strategy to drive innovation and efficiency in the insights industry with the first fully-flexible insights model'.

Web site: www.maruhub.com .


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