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Published September 10 2020




Toluna Launches End-to-End Platform 'Start'

Consumer intelligence platform Toluna has launched an end-to-end solution called 'Toluna Start', which will now form the core of its business. Users can access the firm's panel of more than 30 million members, uncover and share real-time insights to help fully understand the consumer journey.

Frédéric-Charles PetitToluna, the parent brand for Toluna, Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData, developed and built the new platform in collaboration with experts from the worlds of data science, brand management, marketing and academia. The company says its new platform is the culmination of its two decades of market research expertise, designed to help solve what it describes as the challenges of 'rigid, slow and complex traditional research platforms'.

While the platform is methodology agnostic, it integrates Harris Interactive's methodology into its automated solutions, which span market understanding, brand and communications, new product development, and advertising and creative testing. Any step of a project can be customized - from questionnaire design to sample composition to the insight dashboards - and the platform powers all research requirements across surveys, communities, audiences and analytics. In addition, teams can share insights and act on them in the moment, through the use of artificial intelligence and data visualization.

Founder and CEO Frédéric-Charles Petit (pictured) explains: 'Toluna Start is the culmination of two decades of technical innovation, award-winning methodology from Harris Interactive and shared learnings from our clients around the world. Our signature digital solutions enhance research quality and achieve scale previously unimaginable for global brands, and we are excited to continue working with the world's largest brands to deliver solutions that empower clients of all sizes, and drive the industry forward'.

Web site: www.tolunacorporate.com .


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