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Published October 9 2020




444ignite Launches Consumer Intelligence Engine

US-based marketing consultancy 444ignite has launched a tool called Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine, to help marketers enhance both their consumer intelligence and the performance of their ad campaigns.

Ed RamseyDeveloped in partnership with Prosper Insights & Analytics, and Consumer Orbit, the solution uses real consumer transactions, mobility and other behavior data to predict, simulate and engage in-market consumers. Prosper's US and China data can be used to create personas based on consumer intention and attitudes concerning shopping and media use; while Consumer Orbit's TotalView database of consumer behavior - which contains trillions of attributes on more than 235 million consumers - can help businesses understand the behavior, preferences, and lifestyles of their customers.

Consumers use the 'Engine' to share details about themselves and their lives - including demographics, retail shopping preferences, spending intentions, economic attitudes, motivations and psychographic insights. Ignite then uses this data to uncover shopping behavior data for brick and mortar retailers, for constructing personas, and for predicting future spending intentions.

444ignite owner Ed Ramsey (pictured) comments: 'What's key to the Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine is the recency and scale of this behavior, especially in that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly shifted consumer behavior. Marketing budgets are under constant pressure to deliver business value, so enhanced customer identity is critical because it enables marketers to get the most out of their budget and maximize performance'.

Web sites: www.444ignite.com , www.prosperinsights.com and www.consumerorbit.com .


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