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Published February 24 2021




Maru Combines System 1 and 2 for New Brand Health Tracker

Technology-enabled market research and customer insights group Maru has launched a combined System 1 and System 2 research solution called 'Brand Health Tracking', to deliver a 'holistic' view of brand performance at speed.

Todd TrautzMaru and its operating companies - Maru/Matchbox, Maru/Blue and Maru/HUB - combine expertise in System 1 (fast, instinctive and emotional) and System 2 (slower, more deliberative and more logical) thinking, in order to deliver a 'complete understanding' of consumer decision making. The new solution, which is powered by the firm's proprietary Hub software, combines tracking data with all other research to provide visibility of results in real-time, while the software's System 1 and System 2 methodologies deliver the claimed 'holistic' view of brand performance.

Todd Trautz (pictured), Chief Innovation and Solutions Officer, comments: 'Traditionally brand health trackers tend to focus on a multitude of metrics, often without taking into account the role that brand plays in consumer decision making, that can take weeks to analyze. Our Brand Health Tracking solution closes the gap between what consumers say versus what they do. With our software, we can uncover the emotional and rational pathways that drive brand choice and enable better, more informed, more confident decision-making in real-time.'

Web site: www.marugroup.net .


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