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Published December 10 2021




Bangladesh Office for Hansa

Indian consumer insights provider Hansa Research Group is opening an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Praveen NijharaHansa Research provides packaged and custom offerings for clients across a wide range of sectors, and operates the Cheetah in-house mobile panel. The company is part of the R K SWAMY | HANSA Group of marketing communications and services companies, and Bangladesh is the fifth country in which it has a presence: in addition to its Indian HQ it already has offices in Germany and the USA (the latter via a stake in GCR, formerly Gartner Custom Research), as well as Singapore where it launched in early 2020.

CEO Praveen Nijhara (pictured) says of the latest expansion: 'Bangladesh is an emerging market with growth potential. There is also a lot of synergy between India and Bangladesh along with geographical proximity. We have already done brand, advertising, consumer and customer experience (CX) research in this market over the last few years for global and local brands. Bangladesh is part of our expansion plan and we believe the time has come to have a local presence to serve our clients better'.

Web site: www.hansaresearch.com .


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