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Published January 20 2022




Medallia to Buy Customer Journey Analyst Thunderhead

US-based customer and employee experience management specialist Medallia is to acquire the UK's Thunderhead, which develops enterprise technology for real-time customer journey 'orchestration' and analytics. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Glen ManchesterThunderhead helps clients to understand each customer's intent and orchestrate millions of individualised journeys, via the AI-driven ONE Engagement Hub. Medallia says the buy will strengthen its own ability to power individualised journeys and conversations at scale, across all online and off-line channels. Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch says the acquisition is targeted at the needs of the most pioneering enterprise companies who are looking for new ways to make customers feel known, no matter where they are interacting.

Thunderhead CEO Glen Manchester (pictured) adds: 'The acquisition heralds the next era of customer experience. We pioneered the idea of The Customer Operating System, with our closed-loop customer engagement platform powered by continuous listening, feedback and learning, all actioned through our unique fusion of journey orchestration and real-time interaction management (RTIM). With Thunderhead, Medallia can ensure that every single aspect of the customer lifecycle - marketing, commerce, sales and service - will be a seamless, relevant, and frictionless experience'.

Web sites: www.medallia.com and www.thunderhead.com .


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