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Published June 29 2022




Voxco Adds Trio of New Features

Canadian survey software provider Voxco has added three new features to its platform - Word Import, Close the Loop, and Text Analytics, to help users gather feedback, measure sentiment, and uncover and act on insights.

Sumit AnejaAcquired in 2019 by private investment firm Pivoton Capital, Voxco offers an integrated platform to collect survey data through multiple channels including web, mobile and phone surveys. Its existing omnichannel survey capabilities and Voxco Audience (its global panel provider platform) are integrated as one offering under the Voxco Research brand, plus the firm now offers a no-code data analytics platform called Voxco Intelligence, promising to unlock users' customer data using predictive analytics, AI and machine learning models.

The new Word Import solution has been developed to allow users to import survey questionnaires directly from any Microsoft Word Document into the firm's Voxco Online platform, enabling them to create and customize surveys at scale with minimal effort. Close the Loop (enabled through Salesforce integration) provides users with instant alerts on survey feedback (both positive and negative) and the ability to act on it in real-time; and the Text Analytics feature lets users analyze open-end survey responses using advanced artificial intelligence, so that they can perform sentiment analysis as well as topic analysis.

CEO Sumit Aneja (pictured) comments: 'Speed, accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility have been key differentiators for Voxco and reasons why customers rely on us. With these new additions to the host of already existing powerful features, we're making it easier for our customers to create surveys, analyze and act on survey responses instantly to drive success.'

Web site: www.voxco.com .


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