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Published July 26 2022




Geopath Partners for Audio OOH Measurement Launch

Out of home audience measurement body Geopath has partnered with in-store audio advertising network Stingray, to measure retail-based, digital audio out-of-home (AOOH) advertising impressions in the US.

Dylan MabinStingray reaches 140 million shoppers each week in more than 20,000 grocery retailers, superstores, discount stores and pharmacies. The firm's retail-based digital audio ad network enables brands to connect with consumers during their in-store shop, through the use of contextually relevant audio messages that are digitally ad-served (directly or programmatically).

According to Stingray, AOOH is applicable to many retail sectors, but is currently expanding to grocery and convenience stores. The partnership deal sees Geopath using technology and media research methodologies to provide tools that enable advertisers to quantify AOOH as part of their media mix. Philippe Côté, VP of Technologies at Stingray, says that through the partnership, for the first time, advertisers will be able to access Geopath-measured audio inventory directly at the point-of-purchase, while benefiting from Stingray's audio ad verification technologies.

Dylan Mabin (pictured), President of Geopath, comments: 'We are thrilled to have Stingray join Geopath and together provide the industry with another valuable measured format of OOH media. Measuring a new form of media, such as AOOH, is one of many accomplishments along Geopath's strategic vision to bring together all segments of the OOH industry and work together to build a strong and diverse OOH media ecosystem of the future'.

Web sites: www.geopath.org and www.stingray.com .


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