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Published September 23 2022




Ascribe Offers One Hour Verbatim Coding

US-based verbatim analysis software firm Ascribe has announced a new release of its AI Coder, which it says enables responses to be coded and a summary delivered within an hour.

Rick KieserAscribe's SaaS-based technologies are used to analyze verbatim comments from 'any' channel or language. Two years ago, the company launched a suite of solutions called AI Classification Service, to categorize verbatim comments and provide a report within 24 hours, regardless of survey length or respondent count.

AI Coder, a feature within the company's Coder verbatim management system, identifies the top codes with one click and connects codes to segments. Coders can edit the codebook and create nets, and with the latest release, the solution creates a theme-based codebook and codes responses automatically.

CEO Rick Kieser (pictured) comments: 'Our customers are constantly asking us to help improve the productivity of their coding operations. Ascribe's new AI Coder is the closest we have come to fully automated verbatim coding, and I believe this innovation will be a game-changer in the industry. AI Coder delivers incredible results, and our coding partners are excited about its potential'.

Web site: www.goascribe.com .


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