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Published October 13 2022




Big Village Adds Forsta Visualizations to CARAVAN

Ad tech and data company Big Village (formerly known as Engine) is to add visualization technology from customer experience and research tech firm Forsta to its CARAVAN Omnibus Surveys, allowing clients to create results presentations for sharing with exec teams and stakeholders.

Wayne RussumOriginally launched by ORC International (which became part of Engine in 2014) more than 50 years ago, CARAVAN delivers a range of services covering segments such as Gen Z & Millennials, and Hispanics, as well as the US Adult General Population. Through the partnership with Forsta, clients will be able to interrogate their data, and quickly export that data into PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets.

Forsta Visualizations also include statistical significance testing within the dashboard, comparison splits and 'intuitive' cross-tabulation. Tobi Andersson, Forsta's MD of Market Research, says the tool gives clients access to customizable, visually engaging and PowerPoint automation-equipped dashboards 'unlike anything else in the industry'.

Wayne Russum (pictured), SVP CARAVAN Surveys, adds: 'The partnership with Forsta will allow clients to engage with the omnibus survey results in a completely new way that will ultimately help them increase efficiencies, cut down costs and most importantly, convey to executives and stakeholders the importance of insights in digestible segments'.

Web sites: www.big-village.com and www.forsta.com .


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