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Published May 17 2023




Brandwatch Adds GPT Tech to Iris AI Engine

Brighton, UK-headquartered social media listening and content marketing analytics firm Brandwatch has expanded Iris, its AI-based in-app analytics tool, to enable brands to tap into recent advances in GPT technology.

Michael AmsinckCision-owned Brandwatch combines AI-enriched digital consumer intelligence with social media management tools, to offer a suite of specialized products and services to help clients execute data-driven social media strategies. Launched in 2018, the firm's Iris combines machine learning with human analysis to provide faster insights from social media data, automatically analyzing all clients' data and identifying the reasons why conversation has increased.

With the expansion of Iris, Brandwatch has added three new features, including 'conversation insights' to produce concise, natural language summaries through which to spot trends within raw data sets. In addition, the new 'writing assistant' can be used for crafting the 'perfect reply', with checks on spelling, grammar and length of content posted on social media channels; and the new 'content insights' feature provides AI-generated metrics and themes behind owned and competitor content, highlighting the subject matter that resonates most with audiences.

In 2020, Brandwatch started using GPT tech, with Iris's AI Search element. Michael Amsinck (pictured), Chief Product Officer, explains: 'We introduced AI Search and automatic peak analysis before anyone else with one goal in mind, to aim the most advanced tech at our customers' most critical problems. With the revelations in GPT technology, this next evolution of Iris will continue that history of leveraging tech innovation in service to our customers.'

The company, which has fifteen offices globally, is online at: www.brandwatch.com .


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