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MrWeb changes every day, and aims to add significant new content for research professionals every week.

What's New for Weds 7th February?

The new server is settling down - some pages still a bit scarred by dodgy characters displaying, and a few scripts not working properly, but on the whole things are OK, and some processes are running faster and better than they did. Meanwhile job numbers are healthier than at the end of 2017 and ad bookings are well up. Fingers crossed for a good 2018!

What's New for Thursday 1st February?

We are on a new server, with a new hosting provider - most things are working properly after 24 hours of chaos yesterday, and some things are working a little bit faster than they were, which is very nice! Apologies for any disruption yesterday and (no doubt) over the next few days as we find the bugs. Spotted the (lack of) pound signs already, by the way, and we're on the case...

What's New for Thursday December 14th?

Or home page 'Marketplace' is growing - second category, Panel & Sample Providers, launched last night and more on the way in the first half of 2018.

What's New for Nov 9th 2017?

MRT now has an Online Communities section, sponsored by Toluna and with links to relevant news, jobs and features / blogs of interest elsewhere on the web.

What's New for Autumn 2017?

Quicker to say what isn't new, but here goes with what is:

- the Home Page (and how!)
- the news headlines page
- the MRT section
- the 'marketplace'
- Guide to the industry
- everything mobile-friendly and 'responsive'
- middle trio row in the news emails
- a variety of new ad options and a few new advertisers already.

See the home page for links to most of the others listed. Lots of work still to do - watch this space.

What's New for Late October 2017

Seen the new look DRNO headlines page at www.mrweb.com/news ? The news section has followed the jobs section into the mobile age (not before time) with the rest of the site following, some of it in the next few days - including the home page and the features section MRT.

What's New for end of July 2016?

We're breaking records for page views at present - yesterday we had a freakish 67,900 on mrweb.com, can't really explain why, but it's been high all month and we are on course for a million in a month for the first time. In fact we should go through that milestone today (28th), or early tomorrow morning. Large numbers of people looking for US jobs are helping, as are our SEO modifications, but a steady rise based on continuing good response to the items in DRNO is the mainstay of it, we think!

What's New for November 3rd 2015?

Smashed our record for page views last month, with 860,000 (first time over 800,000) - this is not seen as the key statistic as we're quite happy with one-page visits, for example if people get one job of interest in their email, look at it and then leave - but it is good to see it creeping (and sometimes leaping) up. At this rate we'd hope to break the million mark in the next couple of years, which will be a good milestone!

Some serious SEO work being done at present which may help that.

What's New for July 29th 2015?

Our new clients-only section is all but ready - launch today or tomorrow with lots of new features for our paying customers. July will be our busiest or second busiest ever month, depending on the last few days' unique audience - it's a close-run thing with last October which was a bit of a freak...

What's New for 2nd July?

June was the best month of the year so far for unique visitors, with a shade under 50,000, and also very good for anecdotal feedback on the jobs side. We continue to average about 6 page views per visit, way ahead of competitors from what we last heard, reflecting our relatviely small number of 'accidental' visitors and our good Word of Mouth.

A new section with content exculsively for MrWeb clients will launch in the next few days, and we'll tell you more about it in DRNO - and maybe even here, if I can break the habit of not doing What's News :)

What's New for 14th November?

October smashed our previous record for site traffic, with more than 50,000 unique visitors and 130,000 visits - news pages as usual led the way but jobs traffic was also up.

Sister site 1potato.com is up and running, with the first few non-MrWeb jobs now beginning to appear on it and more data and analytics recruitment specialists hopefully in the pipeline. The new directory mentioned last month is proving very slow to get running - one of the reasons nobody else has launched one we suspect but... we'll get there. Ad bookings for next year are underway, with this weekend a big deadline for the initial round of advertisers.

What's New for Friday 10th October?

Slightly frustrating time with a new directory *and* a whole new (sister) site on the launch pad and too many people off on holiday to spend enough time on them. Some would call that bad planning but I dunno, it's very difficult to know when things will be ready, with third parties involved. Anyway MrWeb is nice and busy with job numbers recovered after a slow end to the summer and good numbers of news subscriptions coming in, in particular.

What's New for September 2014?

Job advertising seems to be picking up again after a very quiet August - the rest of the year it's been pretty good. In July we broke 3/4 million page views for the first time, though compared to site visits and unique visitors I'm never sure how relevant page views are - they do yoyo a bit. Most exciting however are two new launches into which we're putting a lot of effort, one part of MrWeb and the other separate. The former is a long-overdue new directory and should be ready to start getting in entries in September, while the latter is a new job site which will also be launched in September. There will be banners for it on MrWeb and DRNO although it's not majority market research. Watch these spaces...

What's New for March 12th?

Unique visitor numbers are very good so far this month. It would be nice to break the January record again quickly as sometimes it lasts quite a way into the year. The good figures for this at present no doubt reflect the success of DRNO which seems - fingers crossed - to be streets ahead of anything else out there with the big news stories.

Some hard work going into our listings of home pages - a very ancient part of the site! - with some promotion planned around that soon.

What's New for Feb 2014?

Shaping up to be a good year for MrWeb, with record audience in January and a record 5,600 visits last Tuesday; two new recruitment consultants sending UK vacancies; and good bookings for banners, which are mostly sold out until June. DRNO, in particular, has had a really good last 12 months with almost 20 percent added to its email subscriber base - average for a new online service perhaps but not bad after a dozen years of publication. We have a few things still to get right so we won't be idle. Not often, anyway - but it is Saturday as I type and one shouldn't generalise...

What's New for Thursday 18th July?

Some new look directories due to be launched soon. The top bar of the news email has a bit of a queue now of things waiting to be announced - starting with some interesting pieces by researchers in faraway (and dangerous) places...

What's New for springtime...?

Hope you've been following our features for the 100,000th job ad, posted in mid-February - more careers-related content will be following soon. Site audiences are very good so far this year and banner ads selling better than ever.

One of our main site sections is due for a relaunch in a couple of months' time - watch news emails for an announcement!

What's New for Thursday 30th August?

Jobs from 15 different countries yesterday - is that a record? Dunno but the site is certainly more and more international at present, and the country pages - which *did* just about get launched in time for the Olympics Opening Ceremony, down to the last one, the UK itself - will be more of a focus for international audiences soon.

What's New for July?

Oh Boy, July is going to have to be busy, busy, busy. We have a new person starting soon, and another returning, but are temporarily down to four people, and have a very long list of things to do in the next four weeks. Look out in particular for spectacular developments among the country pages (MR-a-thon), where you'll see both many new countries launched and a totally new format for the entries. We also have the first feedback from a second MRT panel (segmentation) coming up soon and more panels taking shape. Plus a lot of other items to be announced here - if I can get back into the habit of doing regular What's News!

What's New for the Jubilee weekend?

A lot of exciting developments coming up on MrWeb, from a mass of new country page launches (the Olympics being rather more imminent than our progress to date on this would suggest), with some new advertiser features; the launch of our first MRT panel of experts; further conversion of site sections to the new format - also a bit belated; and some new personnel arriving soon - interviews underway at present. In terms of what's already happened, the agency home page lists (see links on the left hand side of any country page) are in the new format; pages for South America and much of the Caribbean are up; and the new panel is being announced this morning with a little piece about why we've not done one before. A great summer in prospect, both at work and generally for the UK - enjoy it!

What's New for w/c February 13th 2012

...we have a new site! Launched at the weekend after months of preparation (but still needing a good few tweaks) the new look aims to freshen everything up, but also to highlight the four biggest services we offer (jobs, news, directories, features) and the range of international options now available. Some site features will remain in the old format for the next month or so (due to sheer pressure of work - understaffed and exceptionally busy at the moment) but will be fully functional.

There is also some new content, notably in the jobs section where you research employers, scan the Honomichl lists of top companies and (shortly) get advice on breaking into the industry or finding senior level opportunities.

We hope you like it!

What's New for Tuesday 20th December?

Ad numbers slowing down pre-Christmas now, as is the flow of research news, but it's been a good year and we have some exciting developments in the pipeline, which you should see bear fruit sometime in January. 2011 has seen record levels of display advertising from record numbers of different advertisers in the news; record numbers (by far) of direct job advertisers; and (of course) record audiences - but best of all advance bookings are up on any previous year so whatever the world situation bodes, it should be a good one for MrWeb and hopefully for the research industry.

What's New for Friday October 14th?

Quite a lot of articles and redesigns bubbling just below the surface now - look out for some new-look pages, new permanent content and a lot of new features in MRT and the MR-a-thon in the next month or so.

What's New for Thursday 15th Sept?

A rush of new UK advertisers and direct advertisers generally at the moment - it's been an amazing year for these, far better even than 2008.

What's New for Friday 9th Sept?

A change to the country pages - relevant news items appearing on some pages now, all soon.

August was a peculiar month, breaking records for the most visits ever in one day and the overall number of unique visitors, but quite low on overall number of visits across the month, and on jobs posted. First week of September the same sleepy story and then Pow - everyone back on Thursday, roads busier, London packed, ads coming in and jobseekers signing up a dozen a day.

We also have record bookings for banners at present with many positions sold out.

What's New for August (yes August) 2011?

I can't believe it's quite that long since I did a What's News - bad habit of leaving it, mostly last thing at night. Lots, of course, has been new in the meantime - we are catching up on the country pages and are halfway round Africa now; MRT has a new look for the mobile section with others to follow; paid US and Australian job ads are taking off nicely and paid Asian ads have a start next month; UK direct advertisers have had a very busy year; we've broken through the 5,000 visits-in-a-day mark recently; and various new features have been or are about to be added, from clickable flash maps to news items on country pages. Must do better with the What's News and will try!

What's New for Thursday 7th April?

A busy week so far with 126 jobs in the last two days, some new banners ready to go up today, editorial additions and behind the scenes, some new design work for MRT. We have record numbers of direct advertisers so far this year, even beating the busiest times pre-recession, and more agencies taking advantage of our longer-term packages. Meanwhile our 7th MrWeb-er, Julian, has been in hospital for a big operation and we wish him a very speedy and thorough recovery!

What's New for Tuesday 22nd March?

First major addition to the job search page in... quite a few years I fear :) ...in the form of a clickable Flash map of the world which links to our MR-a-thon feature, giving jobseekers a new way to choose a country and investigate both what's available there in terms of current opportunities and what it's going to be like to work there. More use of maps is planned and the MR-a-thon itself will of necessity get busier now as the Olympics countdown ticks towards the final year.

What's New for Friday 14th January?

Records broken and milestones reached this week. Job numbers are picking up very well so far in 2011 and this has contributed to record audiences, with nearly 17,000 visits to the site in four days of this week. We've also passed job no 80,000, and taken on a seventh member for the MrWeb team, Julian Zammit who will be working on business development.

The MR-a-thon is through the Middle East and into Africa, either on Friday or Monday.

Some big contract renewals this week and some competition for banner slots, boding well for our finances in 2011 :)

What's New for Weds 1st December?

A really good and slightly unexpected milestone for the site: the number of visits in November rocketed and just managed this evening to pass the 100,000 mark for the month, for the first time.

There were 887 job ads posted, which is also very healthy for any month since 2008.

What's New for Tuesday 9th Nov?

Been waiting to say this for a while - record audience on the site most of last week and the week before. Not sure what's produced the jump but it's been very noticeable since mid-October.

What's New for Tuesday 12th October?

Banner slots for 2011 are filling up fast - nice to see budgets for online advertising are rising again!

Have had a clean-up of the news subscriber list for the first time in a while - it's a major exercise but it's good to get it done.

Job postings have been fairoly consistently in the 40s the last 3 weeks, a very good sign in terms of economic recovery, at least in MR...

What's New for Tuesday October 5th?

Lots of jobs this last week and a half - averaging well over 40. Also some excellent feedback today on response from good quality candidates, outdoing the competition by some margin; and a gradual lift in the numbers using our new candidate planners.

What's New for Tuesday 14th September?

A new system for posting the news should allow us to publish some articles earlier, and worked well this afternoon.

Even more activity on banner bookings - having to let down a few potential advertisers despite new space created recently, but banners for another first-time advertiser appearing tonight.

What's New for Thursday 9th September?

It's a busy time, with newly launched Twitter presence, stacks of banner advertisers booking for this year and next, job ads building up very nicely again post-recession, lots happening with MRT, job search planner facility launched last week and more.

What's New for Friday 3rd September?

Large-scale launch for our planner feature for jobseekers; our second day tweeting news stories to readers; and a few admin changes which are freeing up a bit of time. A new regular UK advertiser will hopefully be starting in mid-September, our first in some time (on account of having nearly all the relevant recruiters on board already!).

What's New for the weekend?

New countries and MRT features appearing on a very regular basis now; a new-look home page for MRT and a lot of refurbishment of the daily and weekly html news emails. A new feature for jobseekers is almost ready to go, bit of a departure for us so fingers crossed it's popular. Watch this space for about a week or so for an announcement...

What's New for Tuesday June 21st 2010?

A slow day for ads with only 25 added. Some new editorial pieces are taking shape, to appear in the MRT section.

What's New for Weds June 9th?

64 ads today - even better - and more and more banner enquiries and direct advertisers. Two new countries and one or two MRT feature articles should appear this week, and some progress was made today with a new jobseeker feature.

What's New for Tuesday June 8th?

Averaging around 35-40 job ads a day at present, but we are beginning a drive to get more. Top banner slots (20+ of them) have sold out for June which is excellent news in the still-tough conditions. Record numbers are looking at key pages on the site and at news stories in particular.

The long-stalled country-based pages in the MR-a-thon are beginning to appear again - India and Nepal last week and more soone - and we've been raising its profile with online banner changes and a mailshot.

What's New for Tuesday May 18th?

A rush of jobs in the last few days - 74, then 51, then 41 on 17th which is good for a Monday. Bodes very well.

2010 is breaking records for banner ad bookings, and occasionally for audience, and we have many new features appearing, most of them either country pages (three this week, restarting our MR-a-thon at last) or MRT feature articles. However, in terms of new content the best of the year is very definitely still to come - watch this space!

What's New for the weekend (20th-21st March)?

It's been a really good month so far for job ads - we are on course for about 900 which is nearly back to the heyday of 2007 / early 2008 - unbelievable and surely not just a blip between two recessionary troughs? MRT is also going very well with Teresa Lynch at the helm - new articles coming in and new sections being launched.

What's New for Friday 5th February?

An amazing day for MrWeb - not only the 64 ads posted by 23 different advertisers, four of them new, but also the fact that we sold about a quarter of our year's supply of banner ads, all in one day, to four different companies. Do people's financial years end on 4th Feb or something? Great news anyway.

Our Features Editor starts on Monday! New MRT articles should appear tomorrow, and after she's joined, they should be many and regular.

What's New for Friday 29th January 2010?

It's been a very busy and promising week, in particular a near-record number of visits to the site on Wednesday and the largest number of job ads for a long time, averaging 40 Monday to Wednesday and up to 68 on Thursday. Bookings and enquiries for the rest of the year are well up on recent times and there are four feature articles ready to roll in the next few days for MRT, including two new sectors.

What's New for Friday 22nd Jan?

Passed job no. 70,000 and jobseeker no. 11,000 registered. New sectors almost ready to launch on MRT.

What's New for Thursday 14th January?

52 ads posted on Wednesday, evidence of some resurgence in the UK job market as well as the result of catching up with US postings. A miserable week on the technical side, struggling with Internet access problems, but slightly better today. Also cheered by some very good feedback from recruitment consultancy advertisers of late, putting us well ahead of the competition.

Our new MrWeb-er, a Features Editor, is due to join in the first week of February!

What's New for Christmas 2009?

40 ads posted on 23rd including more of a little rush of direct ads which brought in half a dozen in Christmas week. We're off until Jan 4th now but will return with new advertisers that week, and should be appointing a Features Editor immediately the new year starts. Have a good break!

What's New for Tuesday 22nd December?

New content due this week for MRT, plus it's time we linked properly to the latest three country pages which have been there for a while - oops. Good showing of jobs for December and lots of renewals for ad packages next year, plus heavy interest in key banners :) - but jobs ads are petering out now it's Christmas week - just 17 today. In past years there has been a rush on Christmas Eve - hmmm, no thanks clients if you can possibly get them here tomorrow and Weds...

What's New for Tuesday 27th October?

More than 100 job ads in the last two working days! Great by 2009 standards. There were 67 on Friday and 38 on Monday.

A busy next nine days in prospect with MRT wave 2 to prepare, country page launches, HRchive additions and more.

What's New for Thursday 15th October?

A measly 20 ads, but some good progress elsewhere. Especially nice to see the first comments and the first advertisers on MRT.

What's New for Tuesday 13th October?

Record day for site visits last Wednesday, the day after the launch of our new MRT feature, with more than 3,900. Some more country pages are more or less ready to go, and the second tranche of MRT articles is taking some initial shape.

What's New for Friday 9th October?

This week saw the launch of our biggest new section in years, MRT - providing a portal for those involved in leading edge areas linked to market research but not always included in everyone's definition. Five initial sectors launched on Tuesday - five more will be added in the next couple of months, with more to come after that. The launch of the feature is sparking off all sorts of other contacts, including new classified and display advertisers, although it's been a quiet week on the jobs front.

The MrWeb home page has been getting record numbers of views lately and almost broke 20,000 for the first time last month.

What's New for Tuesday 8th September?

An exciting week with our biggest launch for years coming up in about seven days and a lot still to do; some behind the scenes work on changes to job searching functionality for the first time in ages; and some candidates coming in to talk about the Features Editor position.

What's New for Tuesday 4th August?

36 ads posted making 120 in the last three working days - very good by recent standards, let's hope it lasts. A good number of direct and occasional advertisers in the last few days. Behind the scenes, some new country pages are due and the new look HRchive is running.

What's New for Friday 24th July?

A new news feature ready to launch in the next couple of days or two; four more countries finished for the Olympic feature of which two are up, two to come in next couple of days; and a good response to the salaries and vac number article which has relaunched the HRchive.

What's New for Friday 10th July?

The first new country pages in 6 months are set for launch on Monday, and there's some good behind the scenes progress on a major new feature to be launched in a month or so. Job numbers continue to hover around the 150 a week mark.

What's New for Wednesday 24th June?

45 ads posted on Tuesday - the best total for a while - and some good news re placements resulting from our ads, and re clickthroughs on banners.

What's New for the weekend?

A slightly busier week with ad numbers in the 30s and even 40s one day, but right back down again on Friday. Some progress on two new features, one of which should be (re)launched in the next 3 weeks and the other launched by about the end of July.

What's New for Friday 29th May?

A very productive day, with lots of news items and some good work behind the scenes on directories, plus 60 or so new news subscribers added. Number of ads on the site is creeping towards 2,500 again after the May spring clean - not great but if it doesn't drop much below this, we will consider ourselves relatively lightly touched by the recession, and fortunate indeed.

What's New for Tuesday 19th May?

32 job ads placed; some work on a relaunch of an old site section.

What's New for the weekend?

Averaging about 35 ads a day again which is encouraging after a period in the 20s - and generally advertisers have reported a better April. More companies' entries in the agencies directory being updated all the time now, as Laurence contacts them en masse, and very large numbers of new newsreaders being added at present thanks mostly to Chris's marketing efforts.

What's New for Friday 1st May?

A better week for job ads - 175 total in the selection just sent to weekly registered candidates.

Should be some news on a new feature and some progress on the Olympic torch trail after a hiatus, next week.

What's New for Friday 24th April?

Better week for Australian ads, although the overall worldwide total for the week was low due to a quiet few days in the UK. Expect a busier one next week!

What's New for Thursday April 23rd 2009?

All five MrWeb-ers in the London office on Wednesday for the first time this year - nice and sociable. A new laptop purchased, a bit more directory work, the first enquiries re banners in a couple of weeks, and eleven more jobseekers added. Not a bad one!

What's New for Wednesday 22nd April?

A great total of 35 jobseekers added, and work started on a new directory add-on - which will take a couple of months to see the light of day so don't hold your breath (as usual).

What's New for Tuesday 21st April?

27 ads posted. Tomorrow we should be back to a full complement for the first time in more than two weeks, so hopefully there'll be more time to do things worthy of What's New!

What's New for Thursday 2nd April?

Job ad total bumbling around 30 or so a day, with relatively few in the UK, but there are a good number of direct ads appearing at present - three from the COI today and another from Virtual Surveys.

Record numbers viewing some news stories - one about changes in TNS top management is our most viewed ever and first to break the 2,000 mark, ie 2,000 people clicking through to read the full story - good stuff. March saw a record number of visits to the site, at last beating the rather freakish total for last June.

What's New for Tuesday 24th March?

Just 28 ads - numbers have been below the normal level for the last two months now but are not depressingly low - still plenty of jobs out there in this industry.

MRS Conference starts tomorrow and DRNO has not one but two roving reporters there - articles should appear over the next three days.

What's New for Thursday 12th March?

A respectable 30-40 ads a day at present, not a lot from Asia and Australia though to add to reasonable UK numbers and the usual throughput of US. Display ads are selling out and numbers signing up for news are very good. Some new countries should be added to the torch feature in the next month after another hiatus, and there are two other new / revived site sections in the offing.

What's New for Friday 27th February?

We're breaking records all over the shop this month. Last three days have been the busest three days ever for site visits, and this month has already seen more visits to the home page than any other, after only 26 days. Stacks of new newsreaders, and a good number of happy emails from successful jobseekers this week - so people are finding jobs, and indeed there are plenty on the site. Numbers of ads slightly down on a normal Feb but holding up fairly well considering.

What's New for Friday 20th February?

252 job ads posted in the last week - whew, that's not bad in a recession. It's been a good year for MrWeb in almost every department.

However, for the next week and a bit we're down to three people, with one off in Vietnam and another in the Caribbean, so it will nevertheless be hard work for the three of us remaining!

What's New for Wednesday 18th Feb?

Job ad numbers have really picked up in the last week or so - another 58 today following a good batch on Friday / Saturday, and a possible fourth new regular advertiser in touch today. The UK MR job market appears in reasonable health.

What's New for Thursday 5th February?

A large batch of Australian ads late on, and a lot of interest generally in the Australian pages at present. Spring clean of jobs this evening means the total on the site is the lowest in more than a year, but it's normal for the total to be quite low at this time of year due to the December lull, and the number of long-term ad enquiries and bookings at present is at an all-time high, so we'll expect the total to climb steadily now each month. There's plenty of evidence around of the MR industry's 'recession-proof' nature, not least in the performance of a number of online research firms, who have been reporting rapid growth on DRNO.

What's New for Friday 30th Jan?

56 ads posted on Thursday and quite a lot more already queued for Friday. It's been one of our busiest weeks ever for audience, and we've had a record count for a single news article, more than 1,500 and still rising fast for the WPP Insight one. Also a very good number of recruiters making enquiries about regular ads. So... looking like a good end to January!

What's New for Thursday 22nd January?

Just 21 ads posted - that'll teach me to say 'we expect it to increase rather than decrease' ! But we remain fairly buoyant about the year ahead - there are any number of research agencies shouting about new launches, new divisions and new appointments, and the ad posting *will*, *definitely* pick up speed before long.

Trio and main sponsor banners for the news email should be sold out for the year by tomorrow - whew, that side is certianly healthy.

What's New for Thursday 15th January?

Back down to 30 jobs today but lots of cheerful signs including two recruiters saying they are very busy so far this year, and another contract for regular advertising renewed today. There are lots of candidates about, relatively speaking as ever, and site audience has been very good the last two days.

What's New for Wednesday 14th Jan?

A very good day for job ads on Tuesday - a recession-busting 65 posted. More banner bookings and some competition for slots this week, and more renewals from long-term advertisers mean we should at least survive 2009 - next step is to make it as good as 2008!

Masses of candidate activity at present - good site audience and lots of CVs and registrations.

What's New for the weekend?

Job numbers are OK - 30s and 40s this week apart from Tuesday - and other ad slots are filling nicely. A few direct advertisers this week which bodes well. Best thing however is the site audience, off to a January flier - stats soon, when we've got a bit more to go on.

What's New for 2009?

71 ads posted between 24th Dec and tonight, 5th Jan, and a lot of candidate activity over the holiday. Hope you had a good one!

We've launched country pages for 11 Pacific island states over the festive season, and with the addition of Micronesia this week will have caught up with our one-a-week aim - how 'bout that for a change?

What's New for the weekend?

27 ads on Friday - averaging about 30 or 33 this week, not great not terrible. Another country page finished and a lot more due for the next week or so. Continuing good news with advertisers signing up for next year, except that we're having to turn people away for the Trio :( Need more ad slots!

What's New for Thursday 18th December?

35 ads posted with a smattering from all four of our main regions - busy enough. Next year looks like it won't be the washout some are predicting, not for us anyway - plenty of research firms and clients still recruiting and MrWeb will be busy with ads from regular advertisers signing up again - one or two even increasing their presence on the site.

Hong Kong page launched and a number of Pacific island states coming up soon.

What's New for Thursday 11th December?

Around 150 new newsreaders added so far this week (yes!), and lots of jobs subscribers too. Numbers of vacancies are down on November and perhaps a bit down on a normal December but not much - it's always quiet and we've had 70 plus between the last two days. Interest from banner advertisers is high at present with lots of bookings for next year. And it's still quite possible we'll have the MR-a-thon back on track by Christmas in terms of weeks past vs countries covered, so all in all, in the words of Joe Dolce, Theengs are notta so bad.

What's New for the weekend?

MrWeb is TEN!

We started on 29th Nov 1998 and have posted 60,480 job ads and 9236 news articles.

Bit difficult to remember but I don't *think* we've ever had jobs in Peru, Chile or Ecuador before - we had a couple in each today, as well as jobs in Mexico, Egypt, Morroco and the Philippines. 53 in all.

Thanks to all of you who have browsed, searched, signed up, and sent us your feedback - something like 3 or 4 million site visits in all. I think we knew there was a gap in the market for it but wouldn't have guessed it would go as far as it has. All that remains now is to sell it to some large, discerning media enterprise and ride off into the sunset in the Lambo. Anybody?

Alternatively, we could try and do a lot of the things we've always meant to and never got round to, in the eleventh and twelfth years - watch this space.

What's New for Friday 28th November?

Just 29 ads posted, a slowdown from quite a reasonable first three days of the week.

A very substantial bit of promotion about to kick off, as is a round of advertiser renewals (we hope!) for next year. Banner bookings for 2009 have been good so here's to the regular classified advertisers following suit.

What's New for Thursday November 20th?

Well, about 100 ads in the last two days is not bad I suppose, but until now it's been a quiet month for postings. For subscriptions it's been a very good one - and advertisers are still short of good candidates, so nothing's really changed there. Been much the same for ten years - an anniversary that's coming up in ten days' time for MrWeb. Some very encouraging comments from our biggest clients at the Insight Show yesterday, saying we are still some distance in front of the competition for ad response. If we can just keep that going for another ten years we can retire...

What's New for the weekend?

November's going well - good audience, excellent subscriber numbers, good feedback from candidates. Pity is doesn't last a bit longer before December comes...

What's New for Weds November 12th?

Lots of jobseekers signing up at present - few dozen already this week - and only a medium-sized number of job ads so hopefully that'll translate into a good response.

What's New for Friday 7th November?

Not much in the way of new content this week, hence all quiet on the What's News, but a mass of promotional activity, a few new banners appearing and lots and lots of banner bookings for 2009 and, as of tonight, 2010...

What's New for Friday 17th October?

Had hoped to have lots of country page launches to include in What's New but currently having a frustrating wait for one particular bit of the info - there will be a couple of countries at least ready to go once we get it. Getting some good contributions from Japanese readers of DRNO.

Averaging 40-50 ads a day posted at the moment, and banner slots are filling up steadily for 2009. We have also added 100 news readers so far this week, to add to a similar number last week.

What's New for Friday 10th October?

60 ads posted today - October postings and audience are both picking up again - August and September were relatively slow.

We *will* - honest - be catching up with the country pages in the next couple of weeks, with the launch of three or four of them.

Big drives to get new audience and renew company subscriptions begun today.

What's New for Friday 19th September?

35 jobs added, including two with salaries of 125k and 150k pounds respectively - phew.

What's New for Thursday 18th September?

Launch at last for our country page feature, the MR-a-thon, which is linked to the idea of an olympic torch. First country => China, last country => the UK, in summer 2012, with a lot of desk research and work setting up pages in between. The pages will carry comments and short items from DRNO readers and will link to news, jobs and directories specific to each country.

45 job ads posted. Charging for the US will begin on November 1st and lots of people know about this now, and should be sending a little flurry of ads before the deadline.

What's New for Tuesday 16th September?

Just 25 ads, handy as two of five MrWeb-ers were away today - back to a full complement tomorrow, and a new feature should launch.

What's New for Friday 12th September?

Job ads are picking up again, particularly in the UK - 264 posted in the last five working days. New and major feature just about ready to launch tomorrow. New regular advertiser in the UK - Research People - and a lot of banner ads enquiries still.

What's New for Tuesday 9th September?

A busy Monday with 71 ads posted, lots in the UK which is good after some patchy weeks. New feature almost ready to launch, should go this week.

What's New for the weekend?

42 ads posted on Friday, following only 30 yesterday but 68 on Weds so... not a bad week. Better audience figures so far in September, after a quiet August, and plenty of activity behind the scenes with a new international feature due for launch shortly.

What's New for Thursday 4th September?

A good start to September with 161 job ads in 3 days - boosted by a lot of Australian jobs. A new feature coming on nicely and should be launched soon - watch the home page for announcements.

What's New for Thursday 28th August?

Slower again for jobs - just 32 today and just 11 in the UK, but that's fair enough with so many posted on Friday.

Today GfK appeared finally to give up on its bid for TNS - a story which has kept bubbling along since March and which has brought record audiences for news stories - it continues with WPP's bid still in the balance. Today's item is already no.2 for the week after only a few hours and with most of its potential audience yet to see the headline.

What's New for the bank holiday weekend?

A record or near-record total of 101 job ads posted, with the UK very prominent.

What's New for Thursday August 14th?

39 ads posted. Behind the scenes work on a new directory and two new mailshot databases. Site stats are fairly quiet but hey, it's August and everyone we know seems to be taking a holiday. It's almost like being in France (steady on).

What's New for the weekend?

A decent 57 ads posted today, two thirds of them for UK positions which is much improved after a slow week. The banner ad booking activity also continues, with a lot of slots fully booked until 2009 now :)

What's New for Friday 1st August?

July come and gone - our second busiest month ever for audience but a long way behind the rather exceptional June. However, July has broken records for new subscriptions - several hundred for the news - and for banner advertisers with all 25 of our major ad slots currently taken.

What's New for Weds July 30th?

42 new ads posted, good number of UK jobs again after last week's low totals. Lots of new jobs subscribers at present and newsreader subscriptions are through the roof following some serious mailshotting - more than 270 added in the last two weeks. Banners for ESOMAR have appeared in three different slots, with two more to come in the next three weeks.

What's New for Tuesday 29th July?

45 ads posted, not bad for a Monday. Another banner due to appear tomorrow.

What's New for Tuesday 22nd July?

A whole new array of banners appearing - Nielsen on the home page, Itracks Canadian panel on news articles and the Trio, and two more to come tomorrow or later in the week. Both job ad numbers and audience rather slower than last month - which was of course exceptional, but even so, a shame to see a summer slowdown. It's still on course to be our second busiest month in the key measures.

What's New for Wednesday July 16th?

A really good day for banner sales and enquiries, plus some encouraging feedback on UK job response. Just 34 ads posted, but a massive 130 people added to the newsreader list today - a week's worth, and a very good week at that.

What's New for Friday 11th July?

Just 38 ads - but there have been a couple of 50+ days in the last week - bit busier again. Three new banners on the main pages this week. Some behind-the-scenes work on getting directories to be more international - results should be apparent soon.

What's New for Tuesday 8th July?

46 ads posted, not a lot else as short-staffed today so all hands to the pumps just to complete the regular / admin stuff.

What's New for Tuesday 1st July?

Half the year gone - where to we wonder? Anyway it's finished with a flourish for MrWeb, June being our busiest ever month by some distance in terms of audience. Final totals:

30,200 unique visitors
68,900 visits

What's New for Friday 27th June?

Just 30 ads posted - been quite a slow week for them, especially in the UK. Good for audience though - we're now in new territory for both monthly unique visitors and total visits, still with four days to go.

We have at last added the table of 'most viewed' news items to the Headlines page - promised a few days ago by a Home Page link - and have automated some of the 'most viewed' work.

What's New for Wednesday 25th?

42 ads posted. Correction and improvements made to the jobseeker registration form and the email it generates. Good numbers of candidates registering this week and last - along with everything else on the site being very busy, as below.

What's New for Tuesday 24th June?

June is set to cream (there's no other word for it) all previous records for site visits, overtaking last month's totals with nearly a week to spare. A few news stories are getting more than 1,000 views apiece - a fact now recognised in the Top 6 listing on the html emails.

What's New for Thursday 19th June?

A great day on Wednesday - a record 3,500 site visits keeping the month on course to be comfortably our busiest ever. 67 people have joined the news subscription so far this week, and the jobseeker registrations made double figures today. Numbers of Asian jobs are rising and US ads keeping up to good levels thanks to Chris's efforts. The new look html news emails have gone down well and with some big takeover stories this week it's been a lively time to launch the 'most viewed stories' listing.

What's New for Tuesday 17th June?

55 ads posted with lots in Asia and relatively few in the UK for a change. New look html news launched with 'most viewed' stories table and links to the entries of some of our subscriber agencies. Audience continues to rise very nicely, with a record for a Monday today, c.2,600 visits.

What's New for Friday 13th June?

Some terrific site stats - in the last seven working days we've had our three busiest ever in terms of the number of visits, so June should break one or two records. Also some good news on subscriptions from agencies - some are going for our new two- and three- year packages, with a total of four added yesterday.

A new look for the html news email is due shortly - the most radical change in a couple of years although the basic format will stay in place.

What's New for Thursday 5th June?

Site stats off at the gallop this month. A busiest ever day for site visits on Wednesday with well over 3,000 - helped by interest in the ongoing GfK-TNS news. Around 40 ads posted each day.

What's New for Friday May 30th?

38 jobs added. Record site audience for May in terms of visits, and hopefully unique visitors, and lots of advertising coming in. Diary section finally converted to new site format 'though it needs a check...

What's New for Wednesday 28th May?

54 ads posted to add to 86 from Friday. Today's included lots from the US and Australia, but not Asia so we'll target some more from there shortly. Site audiences are due to be only a slight improvement on April but still going in the right direction.

What's New for Thursday May 22nd?

41 ads posted, quite a lot of UK direct advertisers lately. Site audience figures mostly very good - visits and unique visitors hopefully headed for a record month.

What's New for the weekend?

What a great week for MrWeb. New person Chris is making a very good start; lots of enquiries about banners and a couple of long-term bookings; some news of senior placements and some happy candidates; record viewing figures on Wednesday; and our first full week in our new office having moved from one side of Langdale House to the other.

64 ads yesterday and 53 today - such numbers should be standard from now on after a few months around the 40 mark.

What's New for Thursday 15th May?

44 ads posted. A record number of visitors, I think - 2,850 - on Wednesday. Lots of interest in news email banners at the moment so there should be some new names appearing in the Trio and/or other positions shortly.

What's New for Tuesday 13th May?

A slow day on Monday for UK job ads - lots of US ads in the evening to compensate. Behind the scenes, another big audience drive is in preparation. Great audience figures last week anyhow, with several days around the 2,500 visitor mark. Also some progress today towards a search engine campaign long in the offing.

What's New for the long weekend?

76 ads posted since Friday morning - couldn't actually finish posting them and send out the emails until now - Sunday evening - due to a power cut which lasted from sometime on Friday lunchtime to sometime on Saturday afternoon or later, with only short bursts back on in the middle of it. Apart from a lot of sitting in the dark and freezing, and a fridgeful of soggy food, this meant no use of computers with the necessary files on until my return today. Oh well, makes for an interesting life though it seems a bit odd in this day and age that an electricity company (edf energy) can't guarantee a better supply. It's the umpteenth power cut in this part of Kent so far this year - and last year wasn't so different, or many of the years before that.

Anyway... 76... good total and with Chris Jensen starting with us next week in the new role of Marketing Exec, overall numbers of ads should be rising now. Site stats continue to be good with well over 2,000 visits per weekday.

What's New for Thursday 1st May?

First monthly records of the year - April saw 57,000+ visits to the site and finished with a highest ever 3,479 ads on the site. The TNS-GfK story from yesterday is already one of our most-viewed items with more than a thousand people clicking through to it in the first 12 hours or so.

What's New for the weekend?

44 ads and a new banner for MRA.

What's New for Thursday 24th April?

Freak high page views on Tuesday, but more importantly a good month for numbers of visits and unique visitors. 41 ads on Wednesday. Also a new UK recruiter started sending jobs this week.

What's New for Tuesday 22nd April?

Might be our last day for a long, long time with only two people working - Ian off, Mel off - Chris starts next week and then we'll be Five. Anyway today was tiring, but in the end 48 ads were posted, lots of international variety. Also a bit of progress with admin and site improvements.

What's New for Weds 16th April?

Just 27 ads posted - slowest day for a while as it's been uncannily consistent around the 40-a-day mark.

A healthy 2,400 visits but low page views-per-visitor this week, dunno why. Today's might reflect the slow-day-for-news.

What's New for the weekend, 12-13th April?

What with a wave of email invites due to go out, a marketing assistant starting in 3 weeks' time, several new features on the news pages and home page encouraging registration, and some search engine optimisation about to start, things are looking very good for our audience figures. Not to be outdone, however, advertisers seem to be coming out of the woodwork in large numbers - discussions with several agencies this week about starting long-term ad packages, some small and some large, and three enquiries for banners in the last couple of days. In a word - lovely jubbly.

What's New for Tuesday 8th April?

46 ads posted. A slightly leaner and fitter jobseekers list after the first half of a big spring clean, but a good number of new subscribers and some CVs sent via us. Direct advertisers continue to flood in at present - two or three posted today and enquiries about another twelve.

We have filled the Marketing Assistant position - the new MrWeb-er will start in May - announcement shortly!

Another improvement to the news pages, to add to the company links added last Wednesday and another tweak on Friday afternoon. We now have proper embedded links to previous articles instead of the rather clumsy full URLs used before. Long overdue really...

What's New for Thursday 3rd April?

41 ads posted; new Consumer Confidence stats due up tomorrow / Friday; lots of new graphics appearing on news and other pages; some new links to agency details on news stories. A good week for direct advertisers so far, and not bad on site stats.

What's New for Easter?

280 ads in the last week, some significant revisions to the various home pages coming along well, good site stats and some changes to our emailing and registration systems in the offing. Have a good Easter!

What's New for Weds 19th March?

Great day for site stats - more than 20,000 page views - and reasonable for ad posting with 43 added. Some serious behind-the-scenes work on audience generation but it's very early stages yet for this particular initiative - will hopefully have some effect in early April.

What's New for the weekend?

78 ads posted on Friday, some improvements to agency home page lists which will be appearing soon, and another good audience figure.

What's New for Friday 14th March?

A good, productive week. 57 job ads on Thursday; very good visitor numbers and fairly good page views; some programming and lots of admin clearing the decks for an active second half of March. An ad for a Marketing Assistant posted today - if we can find someone enthusiastic and capable for the role they should contribute to a very exciting rest-of-2008.

What's New for Wednesday 12th March?

47 ads posted, quite a few different US advertisers, which is nice, but must get skates on as regards getting larger numbers of international ads on the site - lots of behind the scenes moves on this but it's time they came out in front of the scenes...

Some truly lovely feedback about site response this week and last!

What's New for Thursday 6th March?

61 ads including lots of Australian, Asian and US; more good feedback on the news and a record number of news and appointments items posted today (14 in all - think that's the most in a day anyway) - lots happening at present in the industry.

What's New for Wednesday 5th March?

47 ads, busier after a very quiet Monday. Several nice emails from newsreaders who find the emails useful and seem to pass them around companies / forward them to colleagues a lot.

Further improvements to overseas pages are coming on well behind the scenes.

What's New for the weekend?

35 ads bringing Feb's total to 1,033. Had to tweak my job emailing program to cope with the 29th Feb! Like our own little year 2000 problem - sweet - originally it emailed all Thursday's jobs again - but fixed in 2 mins.

It's been a very good week commercially for the site, with lots of orders - and a reasonable one in terms of design and programming with some improvements to top menus and addition of some banner slots, both for non-UK pages. Time for some serious activity on the UK side next.

What's New for Thursday 28th Feb?

Some good totals for this month - nearly 1,000 jobs and will pass that milestone tomorrow; and nearly 50,000 visits despite the 1-2 missing days. This evening the top menus for the US, Aus and Asia are finally sorted out to go to their specific job search and Today's Vacs / Recent Vacs pages, and I've hopefully got the banners for these pages working smoothly, following some block bookings for them earlier this week.

What's New for the weekend?

39 ads posted, slight improvement to new home page (no prizes for spotting), prizes finally wired to our two Aussie recipients after posting job no.50,000 - news item re this is pending; and the rare phenomenon of more than 2,000 visits on a Friday - 2,200 in fact. Audience still needs to climb steeply in the near future however - but can wait a week I suspect while *I* am busy climbing steeply, and falling down again very fast head over heels, trying to remember how to snowboard after a seven year gap :( Still, am demob happy this evening.

What's New for Thursday 31st January?

61 ads, roughly doubling the week's total as first 2 days were slow - and with a better variety of US ads. Ian back from holiday tomorrow so we'll have a full complement of staff for more than a week for the first time since... November?

What's New for the weekend?

Two to the ten jobs posted so far in January - headed for around 1,200 by month end. Whereas that's similar to last Jan's figure, we're hoping to keep it going and growing this year whereas January was the job posting peak in 2007 (audiences of course kept growing!).

All December's advertisers are now signed up again, mostly for another 12 months, and there are more regular US jobs going up from the big agencies.

What's New for Thursday 24th January?

57 ads posted today, and a continuing stream of direct job ads and banner bookings so far this year - keeping us very busy.

What's New for Wednesday 23rd Jan?

70 ads posted, and some new banners about to appear.

What's New for Tuesday 22nd January?

44 ads posted - averaging 50 a day in January so one of our busiest months.

What's New for Thursday 17th Jan?

59 ads, a couple of new scripts written to make things easier to post in future, and some good site stats - 2,100+ visits, 17,700 pages - picking up nicely after December low point - long way to go yet but encouraging.

What's New for Weds 16th Jan?

71 ads posted from 4 continents, and things are very, very busy with new advertisers, direct advertised vacancies, banner enquiries and people wanting lunches to discuss partnerships - all very nice but all very finish-at-4am-ish, hence finishing at 4am. Mel's doing a marvellous job with the news at present and that's no doubt contributing to page views which are back at November levels despite the more 'pessimistic' way they're now measured.

What's New for Tuesday 15th January?

A few more things working each day post-site move... Seem to have my stats back. Lots of jobs subscriptions and 'CVs via' at the moment, making up for a quiet Christmas. 42 ads posted today.

What's New for Weds 9th January?

Job posting getting busy with 58 ads today and at least as many likely tomorrow. Upgrades of the less-used bits of the site to the new format are underway and we're likely to switch over a couple more sections this week.

What's New for 2008?

The first 19 ads of the year - people seem to be prolonging their holidays in a lot of cases so it's rather sleepy this week. Lots of bits of the site that weren't working on 21st Dec are now functional - hope you're finding it thoroughly usable now. Lots more to come though in a packed Jan and Feb - watch this space!

What's New for Christmas?!

58 more ads were posted on Friday 21st, our last day's work before January 2nd 2008.

It's been rather a chaotic week, with lots of teething problems on our utterly new site, email problems of a more random nature and limited staff here to cope with it, but there are lots of positives for 2008 including very cheering comments from some of our major advertisers and a good flow of interest in one-off job ads and banners. Provided we can get the quirks ironed out and the remainder of the site functioning neatly by Jan 2nd (or preferably before) we should be in for a very good 2008. But first, some relaxation!

[actually, even before that, some more panic - haven't bought any Christmas presents yet].

We wish you all a very Merry one and a Happy New Year!

What's New for the weekend?

Well, an awful lot of the new site is not working or just not there yet as you may have noticed - but a great deal of it is working and looks, I think, very good - and it's coming on fast. I know my habit of letting things go live when they're not finished is a tad controversial (even within the company itself...) but it does focus the mind :) And one partially lost weekday (with jobs and news substantially working) is not the end of the world, so provided it's mostly done by Monday... Ah, there's the rub, and there goes the weekend :(

What's New for Thursday 13th December?

As of Thursday evening... a whole new site - or half a wholly new site, to be more accurate, seeing as we haven't finished it yet - but that won't stop us launching it, as those of you who have followed MrWeb over the years may be painfully aware :) No seriously, a lot of the redesign is done and much of the rest should be completed frantically in the few days after the move, so watch out for it from 8pm - or better still, give it a few hours and take a look on Friday.

36 ads were posted on Weds.

What's New for Wednesday 5th December?

Everything ticking along nicely. 57 ads posted, 9 news stories, a wee bit of work on the site relaunch coming up next week, a new agency in the directory and 4 direct ads so far this week, plus some hopeful signs from our regular UK recruitment agencies, some of whom are already booked up for another year.

What's New for Monday 3rd December?

Records in November for page views - 460,000 plus, up from 428,000 previous; and unique visitors, 24,600 from 23,800 in October. December will be quieter so that's all the records until January which usually smashes'em. An eventual total of 1099 job ads on the site from the month - 2nd only to... January 07.

What's New for Friday 30th Nov 2007

Nine years MrWeb's been going, as of Thursday 29th, on which 61 ads were posted. A few new n different things planned for our tenth year beginning with the biggest, ie the hardest work if not the most original, in two weeks' time. Hope that's got you intrigued...

What's New for Thursday 29th Nov?

Up to 1001 jobs for the month with 32 added today. Some new designs for key pages coming along nicely.

What's New for Wednesday 28th Nov?

Nick now back on the case after a great not-quite-a-week's holiday.

52 ads posted on Tuesday. Some good stats at present and November totals are promising - the overall number of visits won't beat last month's record level but unique visitors might well do, page views will and the number of job ads posted looks likely to be second only to Jan 07 - 969 and counting.

A few technical problems in the last week which we hope are sorted out now.

What's New for Thursday 22nd Nov?

Change of personnel in the office with Mel now in for two more days and Nick away for four. 45 ads posted on Weds.

What's New for Wednesday 21st November?

52 ads posted. Mel down from Edinburgh and visited the Insight Show today - apparently a social whirl whether or not the stands were any good.

What's New for Tuesday 20th Nov?

56 ads - keeping up a very steady stream so far in November - but with the UK's Insight Show starting tomorrow it might be a slightly sleepy rest-of-the-week. Some real progress with redesign work on several sections since last week - all to be revealed in December, probably the second full week of.

What's New for Thursday 15th Nov?

Some busy days for job posting and some great site stats this week - we had 21,000 page views on Weds and November is just about on course for another record despite the missing day vs October.

Some work on new scripts to make job editing and management easier, and some good progress with redesign work on directory pages.

What's New for the weekend?

A quiet day Friday - just 26 ads with the UK in particular off its usual frantic pace. Lots of other activity though - new design, banner programming improvements and a good number of viewers.

What's New for Thursday 8th November?

47 ads posted, some work on new designs and a great deal of admin done this week, plus a new banner up for Research Now today.

What's New for Tuesday 6th Nov?

Only one of me in the office! Due to sickness and holiday. Only 30 jobs posted, but 8 news stories.

What's New for the weekend?

155 jobs in the first two days of November - wow. Large numbers being posted for Nielsen and Millward Brown in the US, and for CSA Recruitment and many others in the UK.

What's New for Friday 2nd Nov?

69 ads posted, including lots from the US, Aus etc.. Lots of quotes issued for banners and a couple for potential new regular advertisers.

What's New for Thursday 1st November?

61 ads posted. Final October audience totals - all records - are:

Unique visitors 23,800
Visits 56,300
Page views 428,000

996 jobs were posted - not a record but pretty good.

Page view stats likely to dip in the near future when we switch to a less frames-led design for the site - one way in which this stat can be a bit misleading at times - but we hope the other two figures keep on rising.

What's New for Weds 31st October?

All 3 site records gone now, with page views steaming past 410,000, easily the biggest for any month; total visits past the previous best and up above 54,000 tonight; and unique visitors just dawdling past the previous best and the 23,000 mark. All three of these stats are between 40 and 50% up on last October which shows pretty good progress - but then the whole online ads and recruitment sector is very buoyant so we know we have to keep pushing to stay ahead...

70 ads posted today with good numbers from each of our four usual continents. US jobs will be in double figures every day now, barring technical hitches or overwork crises!

What's New for the weekend?

A week without a 'What's new' due to NT being away for 3.5 days and others having to cover large amount of duties. 30 ads posted each of the last two days - should get much busier on Monday. Site stats are excellent - headed for just-about-records for unique and total visitors, and easy record for page views after 80,000+ in the five working days of this week - we should pass 400,000 for the first time by midnight on October 31st.

What's New for the weekend?

45 ads including lots in Aus. Audience is up and down a bit this month, but overall headed for roughly the same as last month's record stats.

What's New for Friday 19th October?

35 ads posted including another late, large batch from the US. Some major new design and programming coming together today on a test site to which we're moving soon.

What's New for the weekend?

68 ads posted - busiest for a while, with loads in Asia. A mass of jobs are due next week from a top ten agency, mostly in the US or Asia - we've had a few from them before but this is much larger-scale. We hope for more such agencies soon!

What's New for Friday 12th October?

42 ads posted. Quite an extraordinarily slow day for news, at least until about 4pm when it perked up a bit. Till then we were on the verge of publishing 'No Researchers Hurt in Small Earthquake'.

Around 25 companies updated in the agencies directory in last few days - hopefully this level of activity at least will keep up for a good while yet. Site stats are very good again this week, and direct advertisers are fairly lively, with more due tomorrow or Monday.

What's New for the weekend?

40 ads posted, and some new graphics on the news email.

What's New for Friday 5th October?

... anyone there...?

Tumbleweeds blowing across MrWeb today with a mere 10,000 pages viewed - after the frantic first three days of the week which had more than 15,000 apiece. All relative. Been an excellent start to October anyhow!

What's New for Weds 3rd October?

October started with the two busiest days ever, in terms of site visits, with 5,500 by 3am Wednesday. 63 ads were posted on Tuesday with lots overseas making up for Monday's very UK-centric day.

What's New for Tuesday 2nd October?

32 ads posted, only one outside the UK. Final tallies for September were very good indeed - a record 53,000 visits from a record 23,000 unique visitors, and 350,000 pages viewed, second only to August. Ian back from Japan which means some graphics that sat still for 2 weeks should start changing again, freshening things up a bit.

What's New for Thursday 27th Sept?

20,000 pages viewed on Wednesday - in the all-time top 6. Visitor numbers also excellent. More companies being updated in the agencies directory and 38 job ads posted.

What's New for Wednesday 26th Sept?

55 ads posted. Site stats headed for 2 monthly records, unique visitors and visits, by the end of the month on Sunday, barring disasters. About three dozen companies have so far updated their directory entries in the last 4 days, and three have subscribed, even though we haven't yet sent out the invites to subscribe. Classification information added for about 1,000 news readers so far following an emailshot last week.

What's New for the weekend?

Nearly but not quite 12,000 visits Monday to Friday - only a short while ago I was shouting about making 10,000 for the first time. So that's good.

32 ads posted, and lots of people updating their entries in the agencies directory, plus a new paying subscriber, FreshMinds.

What's New for Friday 21st September?

65 ads posted, classification data added for about 220 news readers, and some very good feedback from our biggest recent direct advertiser. Wednesday's record audience ended up at about 2,650 visits.

What's New for Thursday 20th Sept?

Passed 2,500 visits for ?possibly? the first time today, and in the past two days we've had 33,000 page views which ain't at all bad. 34 ads were posted. Mel's back from ESOMAR tonight so no more shoddy newswriting from Yours Truly :)

What's New for Weds 19th September?

Good day for jobs - 45 posted. Great day for visits - 2,450 of them with 17,500 pages viewed. Ridiculous day for news stories, with 15 posted including appointments. Had enough news for twice that - all happ'nin in the world of MR.

What's New for Tuesday 18th Sept?

34 jobs posted, and some ESOMAR Congress coverage appearing courtesy of Mel feeding info back to the office to be written up. Not much else due to short staff (just taken on a dwarf) and those that remain not feeling too good either!

What's New for the weekend?

A reasonable audience for a Friday but a tiny 21 job ads posted - nice break really. A mammoth 9 news items posted, but with Mel off at ESOMAR next week there might be some quieter days coming up :)

What's New for Friday 14th September?

Another day with 14,500 pages viewed by 2,000+ visitors - a very busy September - and there were 63 ads posted. Some developments today for the agencies directory, both behind the scenes and with our first 2-year subscription booking - multi-year deals are a new feature.

What's New for Thursday 13th September?

56 ads posted. A huge number of site visits today - almost 2,500.

What's New for the weekend?

61 ads posted. Some behind the scenes work that should help boost the number of global jobs appearing for big agencies.

What's New for Friday 7th September?

Several exciting new things are bubbling away now and a couple of them moved ahead a fair bit today - new layouts, promotions and features. Hope we can keep them on track despite impending staff holidays and a mass of admin that sometimes seems to crowd them out of the schedule...

48 ads posted. 2,300 site visits. News subscriptions had a slow day but Hey, it has to happen sometimes.

What's New for Thursday 6th September?

15,600 pages viewed, a dozen or so subscriptions for the news, 43 ads posted and a fair bit of work - after a bit of a gap - on the major launch which still looks OK for September despite a bit of a slippage.

What's New for the weekend?

September just started and it should be a good month for launches and changes.

August was a record month on all audience counts and the number of visits ended at around 51,500, page views over 380,000. We also crept over 1,000 job ads by virtue of a late flurry Friday night.

What's New for Friday 31st August?

We should break the 50,000 site visits mark for the first time in a month, and get a record for unique visitors too. Page views at c.380,000 is already way over the previous highest.

52 ads were posted on Thursday.

What's New for Thursday 30th August?

38 job ads with quite a lot in the US and very few in the UK. 15,000 pages viewed by 2,300 visitors, and monthly visitor figures a few shy of a new record with two days to go. About 30 new subscribers added again - good times for the site.

What's New for Wednesday 29th August 2007?

43 ads posted on Tuesday, and around 30 subscriptions to news, jobs or both. Page views for the month are well above the previous best with three days to go, and unique visitors and visits should just about get there by Friday too.

What's New for the weekend?

49 ads posted. A slower day for audience, but not for candidate registrations which continue in double figures.

What's New for Friday 24th August?

Oops, it's Friday 24th and it wasn't Thursday 24th was it? :)

73 ads posted - busy one.

Today we announced our promotional partnership with America's MRA (Marketing Research Association) - we'll be pointing readers to their training and events and they'll be offering their members access to our news and jobs services. Hopefully the start of a major increase in US audience.

It's been a great week for UK jobs and for site audience, and our projects headed for major launches in September moved on a step or two today as well.

What's New for Thursday 24th August?

48 new jobs and a record 3,350 on the site; also an all-time high of 41 new candidates added tonight.

What's New for Wednesday 22nd August?

A number of initiatives underway this evening which should result in renewed agency subscriptions, increased jobseeker registrations and more newsreaders signing up this week. 32 ads were posted and page views continue to soar above previous levels with 30,000 in two days so far this week.

What's New for Tuesday 21st August?

46 ads posted, only one of them in the US but a few in Asia and Aus. Lots of news stories around at present, and both news and jobs registrations over the weekend made double figures.

What's New for the weekend?

Total page views for the working week just passed 70,000, and with 91 ads posted on Friday we'd expect it to be a busy weekend too. Various new initiatives a bit stalled today, what with the above, 8 news items and 4 further appointments keeping us very busy - but it's been a good week for them and Monday will see one of them going ahead.

What's New for Friday 17th August?

Well over 200,000 page views already this month - on course for the highest to date. Today, 42 job ads, some progress on a much-delayed MRWho, some more in programming and some in setting up a better online payment system. Plus some work on major new designs which will affect the look of the site in a month or so.

What's New for Thursday 16th?

A mere 17 ads on marieceleste.com on Weds. Audience however continues enormous, with 2,200+ visitors today and an average of 16,384 pages a day so far this week - a number no doubt familiar to the students of exponentials among you. Two big announcements are due in the next 2 or 3 working days.

What's New for Weds 15th August?

More extremely high stats, more progress with software development and new designs, and an email from someone who's found his last two jobs via the site which is always good to hear! 49 ads posted in the end.

What's New for Tuesday 14th August?

Only 23 ads, nice quiet one. Mel back on the case with the news tomorrow, fortunately. Site stats going like the clappers this month, on course for records for all three main indicators, unique visitors, visits and page views.

Programming to go behind September's new feature is all but done - then there's lots of lesser coding and organising to be done, but it's nicely on schedule for a change.

What's New for the weekend?

Programming for new feature almost finished on schedule and it looks quite exciting; another 14,500 page views mean that August is on course for a record 360,000 or so - doubt it will keep up at quite that rate, however. A lot of holidays at present mean lots of work for those of us who remain - but we're getting through it and next week will be back to full strength.

What's New for Tuesday 7th August?

Large numbers of subscriptions and page views continue. Just 31 ads posted. The agency home page list is to be tidied up a bit in the next day or two.

What's New for the weekend?

It's been a fairly spectacular week for the site with a final tally of 120 news subscribers added, more than 50,000 page views in the last three days and lots more happening behind the scenes. Whereas if we were based in France, we would all have just gone off on a month's holiday. Hmm, actually that sounds OK...

What's New for Friday August 3rd 2007?

All good news at present with 37,000 page views in 2 days of August so far, and large numbers of people responding to an emailshot and signing up for the news emails. More good progress with the new site feature for September.

What's New for Thursday 2nd August 2007?

34 ads posted. Some great stats with 50+ new subscribers to the news already this week, and a rather dubious 24,000 page views on Wednesday - no doubt a blip of the same kind that reduced some totals last month and in May and June - but also a realistic looking 2,250 visits. Also some great progress on the radical new site feature which looks like it might actually go live in September as previously mooted.

What's New for Tuesday 31st July?

47 ads posted Monday - a similar haul on Tuesday would just take us past 1,000 for the month. 13,500 page views, and our 14th consecutive working day over 10,000. We also had over 1,000 visits on a weekend day, possibly for the first time, on Saturday. Around 15 new news subscribers today including the first from what looks like being a very useful emailshot.

What's New for Wednesday 25th July?

39 ads posted, audience consistently around 12-13,000 page views a day again which is good news.

What's New for the weekend?

Just 28 ads posted, but audience still good and lots of progress on technical matters today and yesterday, including programming new features and speeding up old.

What's New for Thursday 19th July?

Nearly 14,000 page views and 49 ads posted. Some design work on the radical new feature which will hopefully launch in September.

What's New for Weds 18th July?

64 new ads and 13,000 page views today, plus 50 news subscribers added from last few days - an excellent July so far. Have also done a little better with 'other' appointments in the news this week but still need to do better.

What's New for Tuesday 17th July?

63 ads posted, around a dozen new news subscribers and some more blooming good site stats with 12,000 page views, high for a Monday, and 19,000 at the weekend, a record. Fingers very much crossed that it continues.

What's New for the weekend?

39 jobs posted Friday, an OK week for ads altogether.

A very good week for audience and registrations! 35,000+ pages in last 3 days which is back to the levels before the rather inexplicable early summer slump - and scores of people have signed up for news this week. One new regular UK recruitment advertiser also booked, the first in a while but then there are very few left who are not on board.

Some more progress with the bold new feature... all very secretive I know, hope it's not going to be too much of a disappointment when it arrives :)

What's New for Friday 13th July?

32 ads posted on Thursday, and the total number of news subscriptions for the week has passed 50 which is useful.

What's New for Thursday 12th July?

31 ads posted, another dozen or so signed up for news and some serious ideas taking shape for big changes in site design.

What's New for Wednesday 11th July?

All of 76 ads posted, and nine news stories sent out - it was also weekly news days so a very late finish indeed. About 30 people signed up for news after the most successful email session in some time.

What's New for the weekend?

49 ads posted, lots in Asia and Australia from the busy CCI Recruitment. First steps taken this evening towards an ambitious new feature which, if it happens, will be our biggest departure in years...

What's New for Tuesday 3rd July?

37 new ads, a smallish response so far to latest emailshot, and some behind the scenes work on some bold new features..... coo-er.

What's New for the weekend?

A lighter day on the jobs side - 36 after a fairly relentless 50-a-day for most of June. Lots of news items to make up. Some exciting plans taking shape for the next month or two including a big redesign and some new site features very unlike anything on there at present...

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