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Published April 15 2016




Oracle Buys Multi-Screen Tracking Firm Crosswise

Software giant Oracle has acquired Israeli multi-screen tracking company Crosswise for a reported $50m.

Omar TawakolLaunched in 2014, Crosswise offers a 'data only' cross-device identification solution for use exclusively by other ad tech companies. The firm gathers non-personally identifiable data about behavior and interests, location, network and biometric patterns, which it analyses over time to find patterns linking specific users to their devices.

Processing more than one petabyte of user and device activity data from billions of unique devices every month, the firm's data science and machine learning software constructs a probabilistic 'Device Map', matching multiple devices to individual users. Clients can then use this information for audience targeting and re-targeting, frequency capping, sequencing, measurement and attribution.

Omar Tawakol (pictured), SVP and General Manager, Oracle Data Cloud, comments: 'The Crosswise team brings significant knowledge and a rich pedigree of data science to Oracle and will further extend the value Oracle Data Cloud brings to the market and to its customers. The addition of Crosswise will further broaden the Oracle ID Graph, to construct a 'complete view' of consumers' digital interactions across multiple devices'.

Web sites: www.oracle.com and www.crosswise.com .


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