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Cross-Platform Tracking Company Launches

July 24 2014

In Tel Aviv, tech industry execs Steve Glanz, Jonathan Seidner and Ron Reiter have set up a multi-screen tracking company called Crosswise, offering a 'data only' cross-device identification solution for use exclusively by other ad tech companies.

Steve Glanz, Jonathan Seidner and Ron ReiterThe founders have extensive ad tech, mobile and development experience gained at a range of companies including Conduit, myThings, Onavo (acquired by Facebook), Convertro (acquired by Aol), PrimeSense (acquired by Apple), Any.DO, and Shopping.com (acquired by eBay), as well as the 8200 Israeli intelligence unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Their company has already secured $2m from Giza Venture Capital, Horizons Ventures, OurCrowd and other angel investors.

Crosswise will gather non-personally identifiable data about behaviour and interests, location, network and biometric patterns, which it will analyse over time to find patterns linking specific users to their devices. Clients can then use this information for audience targeting and re-targeting, frequency capping, sequencing, measurement and attribution. Crosswise provides its data solution only to other ad tech companies, not end users; and has partnered with several companies to gain access to a massive data set to validate its statistical models.

Glanz comments: 'We founded Crosswise to offer the ad tech ecosystem the first media free, 'data only' cross-device identification service validated by a quality score. In the same way that targeting data can be purchased without media from companies like eXelate and BlueKai, ad tech companies should be able to purchase cross-device data from a company that is not also a competitor. Until now, that wasn't possible.'

Web site: www.crosswise.com .

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