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The Career Clinic - UK

Free, Expert Advice on Careers in Marketing Research


Answers to a selection of questions (100+) are available to view by topic.

Email your questions about getting into, and getting on in, Market Research to careers@mrweb.com along with your name and we'll pass them to our MR careers experts:

Questions and answers will be shown on the site but will be anonymised as carefully as if we were writing up a qual b2b interview. Please note that questions pertaining to careers in unrelated fields - engineering, sales etc.. - will not be answered.

Ten Common Questions:

Views expressed here are not necessarily those of MrWeb or of the companies our
columnists represent. All rights reserved.

    How do I get a start in a market research career...
- on leaving university / with no experience of business?
- transferring from another career / with experience?
    Interviews and application process
    I need a change from / within my MR job!
    Salary questions / what am I worth..?
    Which companies do n..? / state of the UK industry
    DP, IT & Field careers
    Relocation - regional and international
    Working in Australia / coming from Australia
    Freelance / part-time work
    Skills, training and qualifications
    Careers in related areas - analysis, marketing



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