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  1.   * Ipsos Taps Google Surveys for Geolocation Suite  
  2.   Jameson to Leave GfK  
  3.   Spotify to Offer Mood-based Ad Targeting  
  4.   WPP Reports First Quarter DIM Revenue Dip  
  5.   Appinions Acquired  
  6.   Dentsu Aegis Analytics MD Resigns  
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April 24 2015
Retail and healthcare data giant IRI has launched a suite of services to provide insights into the product innovation and development process - from product concept and testing to post-launch assessment. More

April 24 2015
Digital audience specialist comScore has rolled out its 'Industry Trust Initiative' in Canada; and is shortly to extend its 'Trust Profiles' metrics to a total of 44 global markets. More

April 24 2015
In the UK, full service agency DJS Research has reported a 26% increase in turnover to 3.6m for the financial year 2014/15. More

April 24 2015
MR technology and operations company Annik has appointed Jack Breeden as Senior Partner - Strategic Account Management, based in Seattle, Washington. More

April 24 2015
Steve Lavine, the co-founder of Kinesis Survey Technology, has joined the company in the capacity of President, to provide consultancy to clients, and add value to the firm's online panel and community offering. More

April 23 2015
WPP has reported like-for-like first quarter revenue growth across all its business sectors except for the Data Investment Management (DIM) division, where revenue fell 1.4% to 558m from 566m in the prior year period. More