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  1.   M3 Buys Medical Database Company Vidal Group  
  2.   CIA Funding for Data Visualization Firm Brainspace  
  3.   Former Kadence Execs Open Fieldwork Firm  
  4.   GlobalLogic to Help Research Now Innovate  
  5.   Qualtrics Hires Microsoft Veteran as COO, as IPO Nears  
  6.   Canon Launches Data Analysis and Visualization Tool  
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October 20 2016
Nielsen is opening its consumer packaged goods data and insights to third-party analytic companies, through the launch of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program. More

October 20 2016
In the US, job matching and recruiting data specialist Atipica has raised $2m in a seed round of funding, which it will use to grow the business and support its machine learning algorithms. The firm has also hired former Survey Monkey exec Mike Sela as Chief Technology Officer. More

October 20 2016
Stockholm-based brand tracking researcher Nepa has partnered with social media channel Tailsweep to launch the 'Bloggpanelen', which will aim to uncover readers' opinions about blogs. More

October 20 2016
Chicago-based MR firm The Connell Group has hired healthcare researcher David Farmer as Director of Qualitative Research in its Healthcare and Life Sciences practice. More

October 20 2016
US firm MFour Mobile has added features to its DIY mobile survey technology, to enable users to reach their respondents based on the apps they use, the make and model of their smartphones, and other characteristics. More

October 19 2016
From today, DRNO will be adding a new section focusing on more news of actual surveys - from project wins to interesting fieldwork and results. See the link above for 'Survey Briefs'. We're also, for the first time, offering advertisers a chance to sit at the very top of the news email, for one day. More