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  1.   Ipsos Q2 Revenues Drop  
  2.   Ernst & Young to Buy Australia’s Sweeney Research  
  3.   Confirmit Unveils Text Analytics ‘Genius’  
  4.   IMS Health Reports 6.1% Second Quarter Revenue Rise  
  5.   BDRC Launches Digital Agency Alligator  
  6.   Market Cube Names New Partner  
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July 30 2014
In New Zealand, MR tools and software provider Infotools has appointed co-founder Ant Franklin as its first ever Chief Executive Officer, with a remit to grow the company internationally. More

July 30 2014
GfK has added three more African countries to its annual ‘GfK Roper Reports Worldwide’ consumer trends study, allowing businesses to tailor their offerings to specific target markets, geographies and ‘psychographic segments’ within the continent. More

July 30 2014
Digital watermarking and fingerprinting specialist Civolution has appointed sports marketing veteran Luke Boyle as Sales Director in its ‘Teletrax’ Media Analytics division in London. More

July 29 2014
Nielsen has reported a 15% increase in second quarter 2014 revenue to $1.59bn - excluding acquisitions the figure was still a very respectable 4.4%. Q2 profit fell to $76m from $426m due to fees for re-financing long-term debt, but Adjusted EBITDA was up 16.2% to $460m. More

July 29 2014
Ipsos' MediaCT division has launched an approach it calls PLSme!, to help media and content clients better understand audience behaviour, engagement and monetisation opportunities. More

July 29 2014
In the US, multi-platform research technology firm Survey Analytics has acquired remote usability testing specialist TryMyUI, for an undisclosed sum. More