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Published February 6 2019




Maru/Blue Launches UK Omnibus

Respondent access specialist Maru/Blue has launched an omnibus service giving clients a 'truly representative' sample of UK citizens.

Ged PartonLaunched last April, Maru/Blue provides access to 'deeply engaged, well-curated respondents', and in December announced a community called Maru Voice UK, allowing members of the public to voice their opinions on a variety of topics and issues. The roll-out of its new service marks the global expansion of its online market research panels Maru Voice Canada (formerly operating as the Angus Reid Forum) and Springboard America.

UK MD Paul Williams says the new Maru Voice UK Omnibus can be used to test an idea, message or concept within a short time. Senior researchers are available to help with survey development, and features include Wednesday access to 1,500 nationally representative UK citizens; with interactive surveys designed to provide better quality responses. Results are available in 24 hours in Excel, with custom outputs offered for an additional cost.

Maru Group CEO Ged Parton (pictured) comments: 'The Maru/Blue UK expansion is ramping up quickly with the addition of Maru Voice UK, and now a UK Omnibus. The company continues to innovate at the speed of business'.

Web site: www.marublue.net .


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