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Research Your Potential Employer

Want to know more about the company you might be applying to / working for? Here are some options - obviously you'll have thought of these first two already...
  1. Google them!

  2. Browse their web site (can't find it? We may have it listed on MrWeb)

...but you can also:
  1. search for recent news about them on Daily Research News:
    [a few client side companies will also turn up - worth a try]

  2. search for appointments news about them, to get an idea of who they've taken on and what if anything they say about their reasons, at the time. ABC listing of appointments

  3. view their profile in the latest Honomichl Top 50 or Top 25 report - if they're an agency and they're big enough!

    Global Top 25: 2011 table with MrWeb news & jobs links; or 2011 report summary.

    US Top 50: full 2013 report or 2013 table.

    Wikipedia listing with entries for top 20.

  4. Take a look at their share price (not always a reliable indicator but no harm to look...):

    Search box top right of the FT Overview page.

  5. ... or their most recent results:

If you have any problems finding info, call or email us. Note that we won't offer opinions on companies - can of worms if ever there were one - but will help you check facts and find relevant online info ...within reason! - don't be offended if we leave most of the researching to you - that's your job, plus the volume of requests we handle can be very high at times. Lastly, note that if you want to find out more about recruitment consultants, that's a different matter and we have a separate directory for those, with contact details / topline coverage, and in some cases a full description.