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Directory - Data Visualization

The following companies contributed to our October 2020 special issue looking at Data Visualization


Who we are...

Your partner for today. Guiding your vision for tomorrow. Confirmit is here to make you successful. We work with companies around the world to deliver Market Research, Customer Experience, and Employee Engagement solutions that help you to turn insight into stories that fuel action.

The recent merger between Confirmit and Dapresy combines two powerful solutions to simplify complex research programs, providing a revolutionary end-to-end platform for the insights industry.

Our global customers, leading analysts, and the wider market recognize our dedication to ensuring that our solutions deliver business change and value. Confirmit is more than a vendor, it is a true and trusted partner.

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Beth Magee,VP of Marketing
330 7th Ave
NewYork, NY 10001


See above the crowd

Cloud-based network monitoring and reporting - powered by Highlight

  • Enables Sales, Operations and Service Managers to See Clearly through a single pane of glass
  • Provides accurate, impartial evidence of applications and network service performance across all locations
  • Creates trusted advisor relationships between service providers and their corporate customers.

The service assurance you need

  • View your network, applications and services in real-time from a single graphical interface
  • Collaboratively manage service performance with customers using unique heat tiles
  • See clear and easy-to-understand information with advanced customisation
  • Shared visibility of services provide maximum transparency and openness

We keep our partners at the forefront of our business by offering expert advice and support to ensure maximum benefit from Highlight.

* used by 5,000+ customers in 100+ countries


What we do...

As leaders in innovative reporting products for the market research industry for over 25 years, E-Tabs specialise in report automation and data visualization solutions that save time and money bringing greater efficiencies.

Our tools solutions and software include:

Online Dashboards & Reporting - Using our ground-breaking MR dashboard platform (Iris), anyone can build a visually engaging online dashboard in minutes.
DataVisualization - Our PowerPoint plug in (Vizualz) allows anyone to incorporate great looking data-driven Infographics and DataViz objects within their presentations.
Report Automation - No matter how complex your PowerPoint charting needs; our award-winning (Enterprise) software can automatically update every detail of your tracking studies or any repetitive projects within minutes. Deploy the software yourself or ask our in-house reporting team to do it for you.
PowerPoint Charting - Our PowerPoint plug-in (Graphique) enables you to create charts directly from your tables at breakneck speed, helping you to easily find and present the story buried within your research data without the need for manual typing or constant copy and paste from Excel.

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Who we are...

Infotools is an award-winning software platform and services provider.

The platform, Harmoni, has been purpose-built for market research data, by market researchers. From data processing through to analysis, reporting, visualization, dynamic dashboards, distribution, and data alerts Harmoni is a true 'data-to-decision-making' solution. Infotools also have data experts who can help you get the most from your data.

Established in 1990, and with a presence in Europe, the USA, South Africa and New Zealand, Infotools works with some of the world's best-known brands, including Coca-Cola, Orange, Samsung and Mondelêz, as well as boutique and large research agencies such as MDI, Nielsen and Ipsos...

Who to contact?

Who to contact?


Who we are...

Ipsos.Digital provides users with a full end to-end DIY platform to define sample, build surveys, collect answers from our high quality, well-profiled and engaged respondents and access automated reports (dashboard, native PPT, PDF and cross tabulation tool) with the option to also tap into our global network of experienced researchers in 90 markets.

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Who we are...

Your partner for today. Guiding your vision for tomorrow. Medallia LivingLens helps the world's leading brands and market research agencies work with video feedback at scale by analyzing the data contained within speech, sentiment, emotion and objects. Our video intelligence platform simplifies the complexities of video and aims to free your organization's resources so you can focus on what matters to you - understanding your customers, employees and users better. Automatically extract insights and identify key themes that take you to meaningful content quickly, so you can tell powerful stories to inspire action and drive change within your organization.

Who to contact?

Matt Marontate,
Head of Global Sales,

Who we are...

Kicktag - Cosmos Dashboards We build powerful, flexible and engaging online dashboards and analysis tools to help market research agencies and their clients unlock the potential of their survey data. Our Cosmos platform caters for a wide range of data users, and provides a blend of different tools based on user needs: Dashboards - graphical summary dashboards with Governed Data Discovery functions for visual data exploration. Analysis Tools - powerful cross-analysis and high resolution data tools for detailed self-serve analytics. Self-Serve - Cosmos sites can be entirely built and managed online, or supported by Kicktag.

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Start Knowing

Toluna delivers real-time consumer insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. We do what no other insights company can. We combine innovative technology, award-winning research design, vertical expertise and a panel of over 30 million consumers. What does this mean for you? It means you can get more research done in less time with less budget. It means you can design a research program that meets your needs, whether that's self-service or full consultancy. It means you can trust your insights because quality is baked into every part of our process. And it means you can do it at scale.

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Who we are...

Motif is a loyalty insights agency that specialises in revealing motivations, building brand loyalty, and powering business success. We help our clients understand what truly motivates their customers, and how to increase customer loyalty. We provide a deep understanding of what drives customer motivations, using strategic insight to build better, more profitable relationships. A veteran of the industry, our 25 years' experience in CX/VoC has informed a new perspective. Our bespoke loyalty model is a better predictor than NPS when it comes to acquisition, retention, and share of wallet, and we can prove it. Our model determines each client's loyalty profile and plots them alongside their industry competitors, identifying key strengths and weaknesses along the way.We then use our building blocks of loyalty: quality, value, sharing, closeness, and magnetism, to target our recommendations to clients. We deliver cutting-edge insight which powers business success, resulting in happier, more profitable, and - most importantly - more loyal customers.

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