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Mobile Surveys and Monitoring

Mobile surveys and monitoring
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Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen King - CEO



Stephen King is CEO of Mob4Hire.com, the world's largest mobile app market research and testing crowd-sourced community focused on making the mobile user experience better. His 25 years in the software industry includes writing a million lines of code, sales and marketing, product management and business development leadership. He co-founded Greenpoint Software in 1995 and helped develop the ProFile Professional Tax Application Suite that was acquired by Intuit in 2000.

After leading the ProAdvisor and Accountant business at Intuit Canada, he became VP, Sales and Marketing of the $105M subsidiary, managing 100+ staff and running brand marketing for QuickTax, Quicken, QuickBooks and Profile across all sales channels, in addition to government, public relations and market research. Stephen was also a director of Mountainview-based Intuit U.S. and was on the senior leadership team that helped define Intuit's Web 2.0 online community strategy in 2004/2005.

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